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Paintball 200 Balls

  • 120 Mins
  • Min. Nums 10
  • Min. Age 18

What You Get

  • NOTE: Currently only 2022 enquiries are possible
  • 200 Paintballs each
  • Top Gun Certificates
  • Safety Goggles
  • Combat suits
  • Latest USA-spec rapid-fire semi-automatic machineguns
  • 13 action-packed games available
  • Costumes / fancy dress welcome
  • Unlimited gas propellant
  • Stag party friendly activity

Arm your stag party group to the teeth with 200 rounds of ammo and let those itchy trigger fingers fly. Play tactical war games and make sure to shoot every member of your group! You can't go wrong and your mates will be thanking you for booking this one.

Dress for the outdoors, long sleeve tops and trousers are recommended. Sensible shoes are a must (think hiking shoes, work boots or old runners). Paintball is the ultimate stag party activity with the adrenalin pumping through your veins you are sure to have an epic time out on the course.