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Complete List Of Who To Invite On Your Stag Do

S. Tam
Thu 07 May 20 12:25

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It’s a rare event in the life of a bloke when a party is organised without any female involvement. We mean, it’s highly unlikely you’re in charge of the guest list at your own wedding, so you may not be all that practiced in the politics of parties. When it comes to the stag party, though, you kinda have to get on with the whole thing by yourself, or with some assistance from your best man.

So, as you venture into the unchartered waters of stag do invites, who should be asked to join in the stag weekend fun?

The Invite List

To help get you sorted, these are our staple picks for stag party invitations to consider:

  • The best man - kinda goes without saying, but everyone needs their wingman
  • Your dad
  • Your father-in-Law to be
  • Your brother(s)
  • Your partner’s brother(s)
  • The crew from the office (except Dave from Accounting with all the cats)
  • Dave from Accounting with all the cats. You’ve got to. Don’t be that guy.
  • Old mates from school and uni
  • Any other male relatives/friends your wife-to-be is close to
  • Male kids that you know - not if you’re off on a bender in Prague, obviously, but if you’re having a party in a local venue, why not invite the older ones along for an hour or so?

Consider Your Stag Destination

Before you finalise your stag invitations list, think about where you’re going and how many people it will accommodate. If you’re flying off to foreign climes, stag party numbers will probably need to be lower.

For local stag nights out, the pool of who to invite increases and you could probably include a few of your cousins and more loose connections. And by that we mean you can invite your fiancee’s weird second cousin.

Dealing With Stag Invite Politics

The politics of stag party invitations can be far more tricky than they first appear. For example, you’re inviting your work team along, so do you invite your boss? While he might be a great boss, even if you’d like him to be there, you have to think about the rest of your workmates. Have a quick chat with them first and, if they’re cool with it, why not at least extend a stag do invite to him?

Life would be much easier if your boss was female but, what can you do?

Similarly, any male in the wedding party belonging to your fiance should automatically be included. This saves you from being bombarded with questions like: ‘Why doesn’t Steve have a stag do invite?? He’s so excited about it! Don’t you like him?...’ Let’s face it, no one wants to be in the bad books a few weeks before their big day. Besides, you’re about to be related to Steve, so it’s in your interest to get to know him and include him in the fun. He might just surprise you.

Although you may invite people you might not ordinarily include in a guy’s night out, your stag party is a one-off. With an open mind and a great attitude, it’ll be a blast you won't soon forget.

Author: S. Tam


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