The Top 6 Ultimate Stag Party Pranks

No real stag party is complete without a hilarious prank stitching up the groom to be. If you are the best man, or the organiser, you must step up to the plate and take care of business. Failing to have a plan to get your stag mankini-ed and chained to a lamppost is a major boo-boo. Life is too short and he will only have one last night of freedom (this year anyway) to embarrass the life out of him. So use it!

Stag party prank rules are simple and necessary as there can be problems if "thongs" are taken too far. The stag must not receive any lasting physical or mental scares and things like Viagra and laxatives can kill so be careful. You are both morally and legally responsible for the stag. If the guards or his lawyers don’t get you the fiance will!

Most people don’t have time or the brain power to think up creative stag party prank ideas for the weekend of madness. To help you fine gents out we at The Stag's Balls have compiled a list of the Top 6 Stag Party pranks to give your creative juices a kick start.

1. Mankini Madness

Thanks to everybody's favourite Kazakhstani, Borat, the mankini has made a resurgence in resent years. It had been a popular stag party choice until the Brown Plague which ravaged Europe in the 1700s. A squirty sphincter being grated by an luminous green mankini is not the best combination. Mankinis can be picked up online for only a few euros and are a simple and effect way to put the stag and his ‘cold’ package on the spot.

Stag party pranks, stag tied to a lampost

2. Mini Stag

Although not regularly seen this stag party classic makes for an unforgettable last night of freedom for the stag. The little person can be dressed as a smurf, king dwarf, a baby or a sex slave and then handcuffed to the stag for the night, making for some very...very...awkward moments. This prank is one of the more costly but always proves to be worth it. We offer it in numerous locations if really want to put the stag through his paces. Check out our Dublin, Galway, Cork, Liverpool weekends.

Stag party pranks, stag tied to a lampost

3. Broken Leg

What is worse than walking with your leg in a cast? – try it when you have no idea what happened. When the stag inevitably passes out make sure to have a budding doctor in the group to plaster his leg up. Then when he eventually wakes up have an elaborate story as to what crazy events happened the night before and how lucky he is to only have a broken leg.

4. Busker

This is a slightly more alternative stag party prank. Strip the stag of his wallet, phone, keys and everything else his has, bar his clothes of course. Then armed with only a deck of cards or a guitar or some other busking provisions put him to work busking on the street. The only money he has for the night is whatever he can collect in his hat. Find some nice window seats, sit back and watch the stag make an arse of himself.

5. Hair Dye

As simple as it sounds. Wait till he falls asleep and begin. There is always the temporary dyes if you don’t want to be too cruel.

6. Pubestache

Rotten is the only word that comes to mind. After a YouTube video did the rounds in recent years this has started gaining popularity. All the members of the group shave their funny bits and combine them to create a beard for the groom. Just make sure he doesn’t get too close to your pint or you’ll be picking hairs out of your teeth.

These are just a few ideas for you lads. Just remember the stag can’t have any lasting mental or physical scars and think through the prank before embarking on it. You are obliged to embarrass the pubes out of him though!