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How To Book An Irish Stag Party During COVID19

P. Murphy
Fri 22 May 20 10:36

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Which Stag Party Destination Should We Book?

Inevitably, the first question on everyone’s lips is where will the stag party take place? It’s also possibly the most important thing to consider and choosing the right stag do destination can make or break a stag party Weekend. The first thing to decide is how will everyone in the stag group get there?

COVID19 has caused a lot of disruption to transport in Ireland with a lot of bus and train timetables operating on reduced schedules so make sure to check the times first! Also, nobody wants to have to travel the length of the country, so keep in mind journey times for everyone.

If there are some in the stag party group concerned about the number of COVID-19 cases in the area, this handy online tool from the HSE might put their minds at ease. Anywhere that is on a train-line is usually always a good bet. Trains are a very comfortable way to travel and are a great way to get the stag party craic started over a few cans. Plus, there’s no fear of being over the limit for the drive home!

What Stag Party Friendly Venues Will Be Open?

The two important dates to come out of the Irish Government roadmap announced on the 01st May, from a stag party perspective, were the 20 July and the 10 August. The 20 July (Phase 4) is when hotels and hostels can reopen and the 10th August (Phase 5) is when 'Some large social (non-family) gatherings can take place - these will also be restricted'. In addition… 'Pubs, nightclubs and casinos can reopen, where social distancing and strict cleaning can be complied with'.

While this is good news and gives us all a bit of clarity, the big challenge for stag party suppliers is how to reopen in a manner that can operate safely within the guidelines. The good news is we know they are all working hard behind the scenes so that stag parties can return sooner rather than later. If you’d like further information, just give your Stag Party Specialist a shout!

Can I Book A Stag Party Now?

The Stags Balls are still open for business! We are working from our homes helping out all our stag customers on a daily basis. With the vast majority of people confined to their homes and gardens (if they’re lucky!), we understand that a lot of people will be itching to get out and about once the COVID-19 restrictions are eased.

Obviously, the stag party is dependent on when the wedding takes place. If you’re one of the lucky ones that has managed to postpone the Big Day until later in 2020, then our advice is to book now! A lot of places will start to fill up quickly once everyone can return to everyday life.

Alternatively, if the Big Day has been postponed until 2021, it’s no harm to get in early and book your stag party now, too. We know from speaking to our customers that wedding space is filling up quickly for 2021 and as a wise stag once said - 'never put off until tomorrow what you can do today'.

Should We Book Particular Stag Party Activities?

Similar to when stag do friendly accommodation options will be opened, stag party activities in Ireland are dependent on the government roadmap. If you have concerns about what activities to book, our advice would be to look at the ones that take place outdoors and involve little to no contact.

Clay Pigeon Shooting or Foot Golf, for example, are both stag party pleasers and both take place in the great outdoors where hopefully COVID-19 is at its least effective, unless of course yourself and the lads all plan to stand around holding hands… which, it should be known, we do not advise in the current climate! #washyourhands

Author: P. Murphy


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