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Get your stag do crew sorted with customised t-shirts, costumes, mankinis or sex dolls before the big trip. No stag party is truly complete without an inflatable sheep or a uniform of sorts to let the world know that you are a pack travelling together to give your mate a proper send off.

We can help you give your stag party lads that extra bit of confidence or embarrass the bejaysus out of them as they make their way through your stag party destination of choice in Europe, the UK or Ireland.


The simplest and most cost effective way to visually bring the stag gang together is a custom stag party t-shirt!

Take the hassle out of getting yours by ordering your t-shirts through The Stag’s Balls. On the front of the t-shirt the name of the stag party will be proudly displayed, as determined by whoever is setting up the stag party. The tees are top quality and are printed to last...unlike some of the ladies you may encounter, they aren't just for the weekend!

If you’d like a special design simply add your t-shirts to your order and chat with your Booking Manager about what you’d like. Almost everything is possible.

Look for stag party t-shirts in the Extras section of your chosen destination. We’ll contact you to organise design, sizes and delivery options.


Whether your plan is to chase your stag down the main street in a mankini or if you’re just looking for some brilliant themed stag party costumes, we’re here to help make it happen.

Get in touch and let us know what kind of stag party get-ups you’re thinking of and we’ll let you know about the stag do costume options and pricing.