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Check out Cologne's great stag party accommodation, nightlife and food and drink options as well as the best stag activities available. Choose from our stag party packages or build your own from the items below.


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Why Cologne?

After Munich, Hamburg and Berlin, Cologne is the fourth largest city in Deutschland and in true German fashion, Cologne honors all the ever-important stag party accessories like beer and football. It’s a haven for the finer things in life, so it’ll suit your stag party lads down to their mankini’d behinds.

Get decked head to toe in FC Koln jerseys to ensure your stag party blends in with the locals and make your way down to one of Cologne’s famous beer halls for a rowdy evening of bets, beer and mingling with some of the local vixens. Your Cologne stag party will be a part of the furniture before you know it.

Cologne’s cityscape is complemented by stag parties on any night of the week as well as people from the surrounding countryside who are known to travel to the big city when they want to quench their thirst for a party. These boys really know how to throw a fiesta but don’t take our word for it. Cologne is also known to throw the largest carnival in all of Europe!

If your stag party are up for a Cologne escapade in the days leading up to Lent, then they’re in for a treat of epic proportions. You won’t be able to step foot outside of your stag party accommodation without instantly being swallowed up by the Cologne Carnival on your travels. People travel internationally each year to drink and dance on Cologne’s streets. What more could you want for a stag party?

Other stag party activities on offer for your Cologne stag do include paintball, bowling, escape rooms, football (of course), karting, a brewery tour for the lads who just never want to put the beers down, and the ever risky but certainly worth it, conference beer bike!

Another popular Cologne stag do activity that you must try is their tremendous booze cruise, or booze cruises, more so. Cologne is known for its variety of themed party cruises that run on the Rhine and are highly accommodating to stag parties. These include a 80/90’s themed booze cruise, a Mallorca-themed cruise and an over 30’s cruise for the mature, sophisticated gentlemen on the Cologne stag party. Make sure to pack the lifeline to keep the stag party afloat for your outrageous stag do in this epic city.

Been there, done that and you know that Cologne is the stag haven of choice? Then wait no longer - you can book the Cologne stag party straight away. Forget about deposits and a lengthy enquiry process, those days are over, my friend. All you have to do to book an amazing Cologne stag party is tick off the best options for your stag party from the package builder above and activate your own Stag’s Balls account to confirm the booking.

It’s smooth sailing from here on out as all you have to do is invite the stag guests in via email and they then look after themselves for the Cologne stag party. Everyone will have their own Stag’s Balls account to pay their own way and also further customize the itinerary by deselecting the items that they can’t do. They can’t do it they don’t have to pay for it! Simples...

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Please note: If we don’t have the stag party items you want or you’d like to chat about stag party activities, accommodation or package options, please contact us or give us a call on 087 742 3068. We’ll help make your stag party planning easy.

You can read about how to book with us, check out our FAQs or chat with us online if you have any questions or stag party ideas.

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