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3. Choose Your Night Activities

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Why Bath

Get ready of a bit of rub a dub dub in the tub on the Bath stag party. If there’s one thing you’re guaranteed to find on a Bath stag party, it’s throngs of beautiful women all flocking to Bath and Somerset on girly getaways and hen weekends. While they’re drawn to the appeal of the famous spas and thermal baths in the region (the only ones of their kind in the UK), we’re not going to lie, we’re also quite enticed by the idea of sweating away the hangover in some grade-A saunas and baths. Many of us here at The Stag’s Balls HQ have ventured to Bath at some point to dip our hooves in its holy waters.

Don’t be fooled, however, because Bath promises a hell of a lot more than pernickety spas and afternoon tea rooms. Like any town that curries so much favor with stag and hen parties, Bath is also teeming with a week-long party spirit that caters to its vast student population and any other visitors that dare to try it out.

When your stag party aren’t trying to tackle the hangovers in thermal spas or mingle with the ladies in the rooftop tub, there’s a collective of extreme activities for the stag party to sink their teeth into. Five aside, karting, bubble football, paintballing and quad biking are all up for grabs while the lads with a dapper slap hinge will be happy to hear that you can also venture out into the Somerset country for a round of golf on the Bath stag party.

By night, Bath is illuminated with sound as the town is littered with many great live music venues and Jazz haunts, not to mention lavish and decadent specialist bars for any wine or whiskey connoisseurs on the stag party. Despite Bath’s image of grandeur, stags need not worry about an elegant and tamed affair, discussing stocks over chardonnay in a country manor, or maybe that’s just our imagination. Anyway, if that’s what you wish on the stag party to beautiful Bath, then it is, of course, always an option. Bath is also well known, however, to harbour a rowdy and boisterous nightlife and some obligatory chain bars and late-night clubs always willing to open their doors to your extravagant Bath stag party.

Other tremendous UK stag destinations to check out Bristol, Bournemouth, Leeds and Nottingham. We also run to some significant stag party destinations in greater Europe like Brno, Hamburg Wroclaw and Poznan.

If Bath does indeed knock your socks off, then booking the Bath stag party is an easy peasy process with our customised package builder. Simply pick and choose your preferred Bath stag party activities and you can select book now without even having to pay a deposit. From here on out, you can use your Stag’s Balls account to manage the booking and invite in all the lads to pay their own way for the Bath stag party. Guests can even deselect items from the Bath stag party itinerary if they can’t do them, and they don’t have to pay for them! More money in the bank for the Bath stag night out... while in Rome! (or the closest that you’ll get in the UK)

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