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River Cruise

  • 2 Hours
  • Min. Nums 10
  • Min. Age 18
  • Private group river cruise
  • 2 hour sightseeing tour
  • Bring your own drinks
  • No bar on board
  • Stag party friendly activity

If you are one of those people who are rather enjoying just the company of the closest friends and are quite hard to satisfy, you might highly appreciate not half an hour, not one hour, but two hours, whole 120 minutes of private river cruise! What else can you do to fully enjoy the most beautiful views and spots of this German capital? On the other hand, explaining to the future groom why his stag party is composed only from some sightseeing tours might be pretty tough. Therefore here is your unique chance of combining that together with some spicy performance of a beautiful lady who will make a perfect 15 min strip show just for you! In case some of you will get too excited or get to a certain level of alcohol and might be no more able to remember those experience, the results of a photo session with the stripper will forever remind you of that!

Where, what and when? Simple.

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