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3. Choose Your Night Activities


3. Choose Your Night Activities


3. Choose Your Night Activities


3. Choose Your Night Activities


3. Choose Your Night Activities

* Tshirts can be personalised with names and numbers specifically for your stag

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Why Blackpool

An idyllic seaside holiday resort spanning miles of plush sand and quaint boutique stores, Blackpool is a prime spot for a bit of afternoon tea and some golf with the boyos. Just kidding, Blackpool is bedlam for stag parties and lads ha ve been loving every moment of it for decades. Not that you can’t have a beautiful seaside break where you go dipping your toes in the Irish sea and sip some Lipton's from the pier side, but stags duct taped to flag poles and blow­up doll brandishing hen parties are as common a sight in Blackpool. We have a sneaking suspicion here at The Stag’s Balls HQ that your troops will be more interested in the latter.

If your stag party is inclined to extreme attractions then Pleasure Beach should certainly live up to it’s name. Ride or die on some old fashioned rickety wooden roller coasters, over 100 attractions including the UK’s tallest roller coaster ­ of 215 ft.. Sandcastles Waterpark also promises some more colossal indoor terror attractions if the stag party don’t mind also getting wet while getting their thrills. 5 aside, paintball, karting and bubble football are also available for stag parties who want to keep their manes groomed for the Blackpool stag night, although they may end up busting a sweat anyway with these adrenaline fueled activities.

It may be a long way from Paris but Blackpool is landmarked by the Eiffel Tower’s little cousin, Blackpool Tower that stag parties can always venture to the top of for some epic views. That is if they don’t mind risking vertigo after a hard night of binging. North Pier also holds some shops, arcade games, kiosks etc for a lively atmosphere and is always a good shout for a bit of daytime boozing along the promenade.

By night, catch a sneaky cabaret show that Blackpool is renowned for, down some of the black stuff at a boisterous Irish pub or get jiggy on the dance­floors of Blackpool’s electric nightclubs known to be frequented by hens and international DJs alike. We also highly recommend you check into ‘Funny Girls’ at some stage to give the stag a Blackpool stag party that he couldn’t forget if he tried.

Some other beach side stag meccas to test include Brighton, Bournemouth and Newquay while popular UK stag cities to check out include Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool. European destinations like Galway, Brno, Wroclaw and Stuttgart are also always a good idea for the stag party.

If you don’t need to look any further and you know that a Blackpool stag party is firmly on the agenda, follow suit to our customized stag party package builder above. Pick and choose for the Blackpool stag party from the activities above you know will have the stag crying with happiness. After the perfect Blackpool stag party is totally customized, invite in all potential guests for the stag party through their emails. Let them pay their own way and deselect items from the Blackpool stag party itinerary that they can’t do. Booking the Blackpool stag party is as easy as it is to get bananas at this bonkers seaside party town.

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