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Why Brno

Brno is Prague’s sightly smaller Czech cousin, but shhh, don’t let them hear that, they hate being compared to Prague. Brno is by no stretch of the imagination small, however, and it serves solid evidence of this through its epic festivals, events, nightlife and lively population. Brno is the proud home to over 90,000 thousand students so it's chock full of youthful vitality, unorthodox club nights and cheap drink. Relive your uni days in this epic Czech Republic city, the Brno stag party may be the last chance you’ll have to get away with those antics!!

Stag parties in Brno are a great option for guys who want to experience the Czech way of life, the great atmosphere, the astronomically cheap beer and of course, the beautiful women at every turn. Brno is also a top option for stag parties that want a change of scenery from the Czech stag capital of Prague. This newly discovered gem in the stag party world has yet to become the tourist trap that its rival has, so the locals are bound to be incredibly welcoming to you and your merry stag crew.

Some stag party favourites that are on offer in Brno include shooting ranges, sky diving, army camps, laser games, and military style motor parks. By night, feast your eyes on some foxy Czech ladies like a dominatrix tour guide and you can even book a lady to greet you for the airport transfer that will give you a warm Czech Republic welcome.

Brno is also known for its enchanting architecture and castles throughout the city that are lit up by night. One of the most highly recommended activities for Brno visitors is to take a night walk of the city, or night crawl as your stags will be doing after a day on the Czech beer. You might feel as though you are tripping hard in some magical stag universe as you’re making your way back to digs in the early hours surrounded by illuminated castles, particularly if your Brno stag party have tried some of the popular, local absinthe.

Let the magic begin and book your Brno stag party straight away with no need for a deposit. Simply pick and choose the absolute best activities for your Brno stag do and we’ll look after the rest. Make your own Stag’s Balls account to manage the booking and invite in all of the crazy attendees for the Brno stag party. They pay their own way and even deselect and avoid paying for the activities that they won’t be able to make. It’s a cost effective and easy interactive way to plan the Brno stag party of a lifetime.

** Please Note: If we don’t have the activity you want, there’s no need to fret – just give us a call on (01) 562 0759 and we can get it sorted for you because we are here to make your dream stag party a reality.

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