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Stag Party Budapest


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Why Book A Stag Party in Budapest

Budapest has an outstanding history and background that lays the foundation for the stag giant that the city has become. It was back in the 19th century that Buddha was traveling far and wide longing for a city wild and lively enough to hold a stag party of holy proportions. It was upon reaching the Danube that he felt that he had nearly cracked it, but something just wasn’t right. It was on route to a day of James Bond-style shooting and minitank driving across the river that Hotei caught a glimpse of Eva Gabor and her hens on the bank of the river enjoying a Turkish dance class. Pulling over their minitanks instantaneously, a STEN partnership was christened and forged to go down in the history books. After a spa party and an all you can eat dinner at Hooters, Buda and Pest united and the ultimate European stag destination was born.

Now you and your stag party can walk in the sandals of Buddha and venture into Buda hills as he did many moons ago. You can also enjoy all the rip-roaring, pants-soiling activities that stag parties are made of. Think AK-47 shooting, airsoft, dodgeball, karting, laser games and wakeboarding. Being one of the largest cities in Europe, there is certainly no shortage to the daytime activities and nighttime vices that your stag party can enjoy on a Budapest stag party. Explore both Buda and Pest with our list of ballsy stag activities that hit the stag party spot. By night enjoy our traditional dinners and banquets for some grubadubdub and get warmed up for our err, personal and intimate activities on the Budapest stag party. Think topless waitresses, mud wrestling, a sushi strip and even a roly poly strip depending on your preferences for the Budapest stag party.

Budapest’s famous thermal baths are also the perfect place for the nancies in the group who need a bit of pampering after the stag night antics. When the baths are also incredibly popular with hen groups and the lovely local ladies, they’re also the perfect spot for the ‘bachelors in the tub’…sounds like a reality show. There’s just one thing that Budapest is more famous for than its hot spring baths and that’s its wild nightlife and underground bar and clubbing scene.

When your lads are out on the town on the Budapest stag party, keep your eyes peeled for some famous ruin bars. These bars and clubs built into derelict buildings may not be a secret anymore but they’re a must stop on the stag party and are bound to be bursting with hens and other party revelers on any given night of the week. When Budapest is one of the largest cities in the entire EU, it’s definitely recommended that we set you up with one of our local sexy knowledgeable guides to take care of your Budapest stag party. With our knowledge of Budapest’s thirst quenching watering holes, the finest eateries and dance clubs, your stag party certainly won’t be left Hungary for more.

Satisfy your stag party hunger with a trip to Budapest. Organizing a Budapest stag party has never been easier. Choose all the activities that catch your stag party’s eye from our customized package builder above. Then make your own Stag’s Ball account just for you... yes, you! Simply invite all your potential stag goers in through their email and sit back and watch the magic happen. Each stagee logs in and pays their own way and they can even further customize the itinerary and simply pay for what they can do. It’s the perfect option for the lads who know they won’t be up for the morning tank driving after a night on Budapest’s beer.

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** Please Note: If we don’t have the activity you want, there’s no need to fret – just give us a call on (01) 562 0759 and we can get it sorted for you because we are here to make your dream stag party a reality.

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