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3. Choose Your Night Activities


3. Choose Your Night Activities


3. Choose Your Night Activities


3. Choose Your Night Activities


3. Choose Your Night Activities

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Why Edinburgh

It was in the grand, historical stag city of Edinburgh that King Arthur made his debut as the ultimate mixologist and forged his career at hosting cocktail-making classes for hen parties. It was during one of these cocktail masterclasses that he decided he needed a special ingredient to add some extra zing to the cocktail he was making for KT Tunstall’s hen party. After hopping aloft a rage buggy, he began a trek up the side of a Volcano, two piece cocktail shaker in tow.

Next began the unforgettable flair session of a lifetime and so was born the ultimate hen party cocktail, Arthur’s Dew, a deadly mix of tequila, cognac, lava and 160 year old Grand Marnier… emmm yummy. Still to this day, hens flock from far and wide to Edinburgh to dip their face in some Arthur's Dew, meaning that there are always some lovely ladies to mingle with on an Edinburgh stag party. While such famous cocktail classes may not be of interest to your Edinburgh stag party (or maybe they are, who are we to judge), we have a feeling that Edinburgh’s infamous pub crawls, liquors and eccentric stag activities will be right up your cobbled street.

As quite a cultural city, some gems like the Scottish Crown Jewels and The Stone of Destiny are to be expected on the Edinburgh stag party. Meanwhile, the city also claims fame to stag party gems with activities like cliff jumping, archery, clay pigeon shooting, zorbing, airsoft, hovercrafts and whiskey tours. We highly doubt you will hoping to go on any shopping sprees on the stag party, best to keep your stag party fund for the copious amount of alcohol to be consumed on the Edinburgh stag night out. Nonetheless, the quirky vintage stores and joke shops that line the centre of Edinburgh are always a good idea for lads hoping to pull off a sneaky stag party prank at some stage over the Edinburgh stag weekend.

By night, Edinburgh is an exceptional spot for some alternative and superior club nights. Edinburgh stag parties can expect all of the usual beloved cheesy tunes and bargain boozers along bustling bar streets. It is some of the more unconventional hangouts that make Edinburgh’s nightlife stand out among the rest, however. Bohemian Basements, grandiose underground gig venues and cheeky cabaret clubs are all nestled within the city and are waiting to be discovered by your adventurous Edinburgh stag party. It is one of the best, if not the best, city in the UK for a pub crawl which also makes for the perfect stag friendly activity.

Other UK stag party destinations to explore include Belfast, Leeds, Blackpool and Birmingham - or the really intrepid stag parties exploring greater Europe can always check out Brno, Budapest, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

If your happy chappies have set their sights on an insightful Edinburgh stag party, then booking is as easy as a piece of haggis. Take a whirl over to our Edinburgh stag package builder above and pick and choose all the best activities to thrill the Edinburgh stag party. Once that is done, use your Stag’s Balls account to confirm and manage the stag party booking. It is the easiest way to manage Edinburgh stag party bookings and payments, where every guy simply logs in to pay his own way and deselect any itinerary options that he can’t do. Your stag party will be boldly venturing through Edinburgh in no time.

** Please Note: If we don’t have the activity you want, there’s no need to fret – just give us a call on (01) 562 0759 and we can get it sorted for you because we are here to make your dream stag party a reality.

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