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Why Hamburg

Hamburg promises all the usual perks of a busy German city, but it also gives some lads the chance to find their own Pamela Anderson to wed when it also holds many popular beaches. By day you can sip from coconuts out on the sand (oi we’re a fan of a good cocktail and we’re not afraid to admit it), by nightfall, trade in your polkadot mankinis for your white tuxes and one of Germany’s most phenomenal parties. Try one of Hamburg's infamous river strip cruises and afterwards venture down to the largest red light district in the world!

Pfft, Amsterdam is so last year, and Hamburg is quickly bucking it off the top spot of European stag contenders. Your lads won’t know where to look as they embark upon Reeperbahn and a collective of sex shops, shows and gentlemen’s clubs. Take a wrong turn down a side alley and you will stumble across Herbertstraße and over a hundred delightful window displays.. oh the horror. Reeperbahn was even once a regular spot for the Beatles during their early days. If it was an epic stag spot for them then you know your Hamburg stag party is certainly in for a wild weekend.

Fast­forward to the cure and preparations for the chaos of round two, try one of Hamburg’s tremendous beer halls with tankards bigger than the stag’s head. Another ample option for your stag party is our German feast with all the usual suspects and enormous sausages, bigger than the stag’s er... never mind.

Pad out the day with a plethora of extreme stag activities to give your livers a quick rest, they’ll thank you for it later. Choose from options like laser games, jump houses, bubble football, off roading, karting and paintball.

Hamburg has so much to offer stag parties­ don’t miss out on this catch all stag party destination to give your best mate the last night of freedom he deserves!

You can book the stag party to Hamburg right this instant without even putting down a deposit. Don’t believe us? Take our customized package builder for a spin... simply select all of the ultimate day and night activities and the accommodation for your incredible Hamburg stag party. Once that’s done, all that’s left for you to do my friend is create your own personal Stag’s Balls account and confirm the booking for the Hamburg stag party. Now you have the run of our interactive itinerary system to invite in lads as you please through their emails. They pay their own way and can even deselect the activities they can’t do and they don’t have to pay for them. That’s all folks, now you can rest assured in the knowledge that you have the Hamburg stag party of a lifetime to look forward to. You’ll be crying with happiness and singing "Auf der Reeperbahn Nachts um Halb Eins" in no time.

Some other great European destination you can use the package builder on include Prague, Munich and Bratislava. Alternatively, you can also try it on some of our popular Irish destinations like Sligo, Cork, Limerick and Dingle.

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