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3. Choose Your Night Activities

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Why Manchester

While you may be acquainted with the trivia that Liam Gallagher has been dubbed as the greatest frontman of all time, you may be less aware of the local Mancunian knowledge that he also claims fame to the title of Best man of all time. Back in the lawless Nineties when neon clad bandits roamed Manchester’s streets and the phrase ‘anything goes’ was coined for stag parties (the phrase was coined by Zak Starkey to be exact), the lads were planning a stag celebration for Stuart Hall when they decided to throw in a few added surprises. Hence the concept of prank the stag became an obligatory part of any Manchester stag weekend. Hall was treated to a weekend of debauchery with tricks like ‘The Mars Bar’, ‘Stag Arrest’... and one of our favorites at The Stag’s Balls, ‘The Morning Glory’. The Gallagher brothers liked it so much too, they were inspired to write a song about it. But enough of all that yawn provoking, Manchester history and trivia...

Mega Manchester is certainly as inviting a UK city as any. As the second most populous city in the UK and the third most internationally visited, Manchester is no stranger to accommodating some eager visitors, particularly stag parties. This flirtatious party diva has a twinkle in her eye and a spring in her step, just one nudge and your lads will be dying to boldly go where many a stag has gone before and venture into the heart of the city to discover Madchester and what all the hype is over.

The mad­cap city of Manchester is rich with stag activities that can thrill the socks off even the most intrepid extreme sports enthusiasts. Attractions like karting, paintball, airsoft, clay pigeon shooting, high ropes, zorbing, indoor sky­diving and indoor skiing are merely samplers of the great range of activities to enjoy on a Manchester stag party.

We’re sure any football enthusiasts will also be eager to take a tour of Old Trafford, Etihad Stadium.. or both! Get a feel for both sides of the famous footie rivalry and if you’re really lucky you might get to catch a match or even a Derby while on the Manchester stag party. With an atmosphere like that one and the hooliganism to rival only that of your stag party, it’s something the stag will want to experience at least once in his lifetime. Otherwise, you can always take a trip to one of Manchester's famous live shows, with a little less hooliganism but just as much of a buzz. Try the Manchester Arena, the busiest concert venue in the world or other all­rounder venues like Manchester Apollo and Manchester Academy. If you Manchester stag party are hoping to feast their eyes as well as their ears, cabaret clubs like the Birdcage regularly cater to manchester stag parties with some er... alternative shows.

By night lads can take a trip around the world in the seasoned night­time playground of Manchester. Serious drinkers with an alleged fondness for rum, Manchester hosts a number of Caribbean Tiki bars along with NYC speakeasies, Saki ridden Japanese lounges, Cuban themed joints for cigar loving stag parties and some refined champagne houses for the lads with a sophisticated swing in their step (or maybe that’s just all the champagne). Try the famous ‘Gay Village’ of Canal Street, for some outdoor drinking and an animated street festival atmosphere. Student filled night­clubs, gentlemen's clubs and exclusive wag infested members clubs are also littered throughout Manchester so you won't be hobbling home at any stage before sunrise on the Manchester stag party. The Curry Mile is also always good after all that boozing with over three hundred restaurants for exotic taste buds, but be warned of the aftermath with a shared en suite on the Manchester Stag Party.

Booking a Manchester stag party is as simple as ABC with our customized package builder. Select from our great selection of Manchester stag party activities and then make your own Stag’s Balls account to help to manage the booking. Through your account, you can send invites to all the lads that you want to join. They register their Stag’s Balls accounts and simply log in to pay for themselves. No payment chasing for yourself and no hassle... sounds like there’s a Manchester stag party to plan.

If a Manchester stag party isn’t first choice, other great UK stag party cities you should consider include Belfast, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Newcastle. Otherwise check out some Euro­Stag Party destinations like Berlin, Bratislava, Wroclaw or Krakow.

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