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3. Choose Your Night Activities


3. Choose Your Night Activities


3. Choose Your Night Activities


3. Choose Your Night Activities


3. Choose Your Night Activities

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Why Nottingham

Get on your tights and codpieces for this hoofin’ extreme stag party destination in the centre of the great kingdom.

It was during a Nottingham stag party for his best mate Wayne Rooney that Robin Hood, while firing at some of those pesky clay pigeons, was invited to a game of Beer Pong at King John’s Castle. Upon noticing some dodgy dealings during a poker tournament at King John’s gaffer, the merry stag party whipped up a sneaky plan and stag party prank.

After shaving, dyeing and duct-taping King John to the top of a flag post, Robin Hood and his stag party embarked on Nottingham to enjoy the stag party activities on offer, not to mention some of the tasty traditional watering holes that Nottingham is famous for, tossing a few coins in the direction of the poor pub’s landlord after they couldn’t fill up on any more of the region’s finest ale. Now you and your stag party can also walk in the footsteps of this badly-behaved best man and avail of all the devilish activities that a Nottingham stag party has to offer.

Surrounded by the legendary Sherwood Forest and also recently dubbed as the ‘Home of English Sport’, it’s hardly surprising that Nottingham’s range of unrivalled stag party activities will have your stag party Bricking it through the woods. Archery obviously, assault courses, quad biking, high ropes, bubble football and laser tag are a few Nottingham stag activities that combine to make this stag party utopia what it is. Later on, the scenes on the streets of Nottingham by night aren’t bad either.

As night falls, you’ll get pretty damn merry alright but mainly because you’re highly inebriated from a medieval pub crawl along all of Nottingham’s traditional English pubs. Many of these pubs claim fame to be the oldest like ‘The Trip’ and ‘The Bell Inn’ but that’s not something that we think will be of any concern to your Nottingham stag party. The only concern that we imagine you’ll have is the taste of the bittersweet Ale and stag nectar on offer. When these pubs are built connected to medieval caves, a medieval banquet would be an ideal way to line the bellies. Your stag will need some soakage before you wander down to the most popular bar and club districts like Lace Market or The Canal Front. Electric ballrooms like Oceana also hold a number of themed bars and famous acts to cater to Nottingham’s friendly student population and are equally teasing for stag parties.

If you’re still undecided on whether a Nottingham stag party is the one to charm the stag’s socks off, then buzz on over to some of our other UK stag destinations like Newquay, Blackpool, Newcastle and Manchester.

If you are decided on a Nottingham stag party, then take a trip over to our customised package builder, my decisive friend. Booking the Nottingham stag party is as easy as one, two, three. One: Custom build your Nottingham stag party package. Two: Make your own Stag’s Balls account to confirm and manage the booking request. And three: invite in all stag goers through their emails so they can pay for themselves. There you have it, an efficient and effective way of organizing the Nottingham stag party. As far as the tights are concerned, we’ll let you take care of that. Leave everything else to us.

** Please Note: If we don’t have the activity you want, there’s no need to fret – just give us a call on (01) 562 0759 and we can get it sorted for you because we are here to make your dream stag party a reality.

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