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Stag Party Poznan



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Why Poznan

Poznán will ring a bell in the ears of gents everywhere, mainly due to their famous football team and one of the most supportive fan bases in the world. Don’t be fooled however, this polish gem has a lot more to offer stag parties than just the allure of Lech Poznán and rowdy football fanatics singing ‘Mazurek Dabrowskiego’ in the local watering hole.

When your stag party isn’t paying tribute to these rowdy football revellers, some of the vigorous stag activities on offer inside and outside of the city include laser games, kayaking, target shooting, karting and off­roading. If you hit Poznán during the right season, they can even enjoy husky sledging and bob sledding for the Póznan stag party.

Afterwards, it would be blasphemy not to try some Lech beer while on a Poznán stag party. This premium bitter­sweet larger is brewed in Poznán and we can give your stag party the first hand experience of the nativity of this famous brew. With our awesome brewery tour, you can watch the whole process from the vats to your oversized tankards. Lech Brewery is even known to hold Guinness World records like the largest amount of people drinking from one mug, a mug that held 4250 liters of beer! This makes Lech Brewry the perfect place for your stags to literally bond cheek to cheek over some beer on the Póznan stag party.

The colorful city of Poznán is always bustling with international travellers as it serves as an international trading city. If your stag party embark on the city during a trade fair, they’ll know instantly as the city comes alight with a diverse range of people, cultures and party goers to compliment your Póznan stag party. This merely serves to compliment Poznán’s vast mix of themed venue to frequent both by day and night. From beer hubs decorated in communist memorabilia to venues with names like Czarna Owca (Black Sheep) that pride themselves on their reckless party atmosphere, your Poznan stag party will fit in just fine.

Before you book the stag party to Poznán, you can check out our other destinations like Amsterdam, Krakow, Munich, Galway and Cork. Otherwise you can book straight away, and without a deposit!

Simply sift through our great selection of Poznán stag activities above and pick the ones that’ll put hairs on the stag party’s chests... or the ones that you know they’ll enjoy. Once you have custom built the Poznán stag party of a lifetime, click book now and register your own Stag’s Balls account. It’s plain sailing from here on out my friend, you can invite in all the lads through their emails and then sit back and relax with a Lech as they log in to pay for themselves. What are you waiting for? The beer halls of Poznán await.

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