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Why Sofia

Pay homage to all the sassy Sofias out there, whether it so happens to be the name of the Stag’s blushing bride­to­be or whether you just have a thang for Sofia Vegara, the startling Bulgarian capital will not disappoint for a stag party. You can expect enough beer to drown a whale, enough winding streets for stag goers to inevitably disappear and enough beautiful women to make the playboy mansion look like the cast of the Expendables.

Set at the foot of the outstanding Mount Vitosha, Sofia is a highly picturesque city with a turbulent past and an intriguing history that has certainly left its mark. Both communist structures and statues and Romanesque monuments can be found scattered throughout Sofia. Known for it’s architectural masterpieces and namely churches, some landmarks of note include Cathedral Saint Alexandar Nevski , Saint Nikolas Russian Church (Tsurkva Sveta Nikolai) and Boyana Church. Not that these will cross your mind on the mind blowing Sofia stag party but at least you can always take a few snaps to show the missus to at least pretend your Stag was a historical excursion. You can also always slip into confession on the morning after the Sofia stag party.

Now on to the more pressing matters of business for the Sofia stag party.. A gateway into the alluring Balkan hills, there is an endless amount of spine tingling, action packed stag activities that you can get up to on the outskirts of Sofia. Paintball, karting and rifle shooting are among the list of traditional Sofia stag activities. Meanwhile one of our most recommended Sofia stag activities is our off­road safari... with beer stops included of course. Travel to Sofia during the right seasons and steep your stag party in a majestical winter wonderland, pfftt.. not. During snow season your stags can get on some mighty powerful snowmobiles and plow through the Sofian countryside. Sofia won’t know what hit it when your blizzard of a stag party blows into town.

Sofia is also known for it’s relaxed licensing laws and the fact that alcohol has no time restraints on when it can be served. This means that your Sofia stag party will have no shortage of venues to crash at at any time of day or night. Some of Sofia’s most electrifying night clubs are condensed within Student’s town or Studentski grad so make sure your stag party venture here at some stage for an energetic and vivid stag night.

Alternatively, your stag party can also take a pitstop to one of Sofia’s scenic rooftop bars. Get your drinking caps on for the lawless jungle­gym of Sofia and prepare to party till the sun rises.

Before booking your Sofia stag party, you may want to browse our other top European stag destinations like Warsaw, Amsterdam, Bratislava and Prague. A few popular Irish destinations that you might be interested in include Carrick­-on-­Shannon, Galway, Cork and Athlone.

You can salute Sophia Loren and book the stag party right away. What about the deposit? or the enquiry? Nope, not with The Stag’s Balls’ system. To book your Sofia stag party, just choose from the options above to custom make your own personal stag package. Then you can make your own Stag’s Balls account to confirm the booking and add in all the lads through their emails. They pay their own way, deselect the items they don’t want and they don’t pay for them. More money in the bank for all that sweet, sweet Rakiya...

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