The Tshirt


The front of the official Stags's Balls tshirt

No stag party is complete without the custom stag party t-shirt! Take the hassle out of getting yours by ordering the new official The Stag's Balls t-shirt. Our launch T-shirt comes with the bling bling graphics on the front including a chain where the name of the stag party (as determined by whoever is setting up the stag party) will dangle proudly. The tees are top quality and are printed to last...unlike some of the ladies you may encounter they arn't just for the weekend!


For an extra €2 you can have customised names and numbers on the back. Here each member of the group gets to have their nickname plastered across the back...makes it handy for people to remember each others names or for the ladies to pick you out! They are done like premiership style numbers too just for that little bit of extra class.

If for some crazy reason The Stag's Balls tees are not to your taste and you want to go with your own designs feel free to call us and we'll make sure to get them sorted for you!

The back of the official Stags's Balls tshirt


Customise your Stag's Balls tshirt