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Blog > 5 Reasons to be Optimistic for a Stag Party in 2021

5 Reasons to be Optimistic for a Stag Party in 2021

Positivity is high as some hope shines on the horizon for stag do’s in 2021.

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Stag party group in a pub having a pint because they're happy to have a stag party in 2021

It’s just over a year since the world’s first confirmed case of Corona Virus / Covid 19. Happy birthday Covid 19! I guess time flies when you’re having fun… not. We have been busy during the pandemic, perfecting and improving our awesome offering for Stag Parties in Ireland, The UK and Europe. The good news is, we are still here at the end of the phone or email ready to help you and your mates create the best Stag Do ever in 2021!

With vaccines on the horizon, positivity levels are increasing in The Stags Balls HQ and we are very excited for the return of some sort of normality and the end of lockdown. To keep the positive vibes flowing, here are our top 5 reasons to be optimistic for a Stag Party in 2021:

1. There are vaccines on the way

As of today, Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Russia’s Sputnik V have all announced 90% + effectiveness of their vaccine trials. This should be music to the ears of any would-be Stag Party Planner hoping to have a Stag Do in 2021. Hope is on the horizon for Stag Parties and a light is beginning to flicker at the end of that lockdown tunnel!

2. We have adapted to the ‘New Normal’

New Normal was the buzz term during the first few months of the Covid 19 pandemic. It has become a part of the 2020 lexicon. The vast majority of societies have become accustomed to washing their hands frequently, sanitising, wearing face masks and social distancing. Coupled with the vaccine, this bodes well in terms of keeping the dreaded virus at bay and for a 2021 Stag Do.

3. Togetherness

‘We are all in this together’ has been an important phrase from governments in their bids for a collective effort to tackle the virus. Stag Groups the world over know that togetherness is key to ensuring an Epic Stag Do for the groom to be. The rest of the world is just late to the ‘togetherness’ party. Stag Parties know there is no ‘I’ in TEAM and now that everyone else is adopting the same approach, the future is bright for a 2021 Stag Do.

4. Improved product offering

For a lot of businesses out there who rely on Stag Do’s, unfortunately, they’ve been hit harder than most during the Covid19 pandemic. With all this unexpected time on their hands, it has given everyone some time to stand back and look at their Stag Party offering. This can only be a good thing for 2021 Stag Parties and means that when normality returns, they will be back bigger and better and chomping at the bit for Stag Do’s to come through their doors again.

5. Living with the virus

It’s probably wishful thinking that the virus will just decide to disappear into thin air once the vaccines are good to go. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Expect plenty of boozers, activity providers and accommodation providers to have re-aligned their interiors so they can welcome back Stag Do’s in a safe manner in 2021. So, pull up a seat for the virus, they’ll have a Corona and Lemon… ba-dum-chish…

Image credit: prostooleh, by Freepik

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