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9 Quality Stag Do Games For Non-Drinkers

9 Quality Stag Do Games For Non-Drinkers

Our top list of stag do games for a quality, non-alcoholic time with your mates.

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Poker card games for Stag Do Games For Non-Drinkers

Finding genuinely fun stag do games for non-drinkers can be a bit of a challenge. The boozy culture of stags can be hard to find a way around. But for those of you who’d prefer a bit of non-alcoholic stag do entertainment for your trip, we’ve put together our top list of stag do games that stand on their own two feet for a quality, hilarious, non-alcoholic time with your mates.

1. Don’t Say…

Taboo word games are a brilliant stag do game if you’re looking for something funny, easy and appropriate for non-drinkers. Make sure you choose a word that you think has a high chance of being used a lot but that will be funny if people are caught saying it.

How To Play

  1. Choose a word that the lads aren’t allowed to say for the day, night or the whole stag weekend. For example: wife, wedding, sex, yes, no or the bride’s name. It’s up to you how dirty or clean you want to be.
  2. If someone says the word, they need to put something on (e.g. a piece of string around the neck).
  3. The person wearing the most items at the end of the party, loses…

2. Stag Cluedo

This is one of the easier stag do games for non-drinkers if your lads are staying in a large house together for a whole stag weekend away. Playing human cluedo gives your stag do group the chance to be sneaky and trick each other, and without the need for alcohol!

How To Play

  1. Write each lad’s name on a piece of paper and put them in a bowl.
  2. Write the name of household items on pieces of paper and put them in a separate bowl (e.g. wooden spoon, toilet paper roll, baking tray, candle etc).
  3. Write down locations in the house on pieces of paper and put them in a third bowl (e.g. bathroom, balcony, kitchen, front door etc).
  4. Get each man to choose a name out of the bowl, a household item out of the second bowl and a location from the third bowl. If they choose their own name, they simply choose again.
  5. You each then have to give that household item to the person you picked from the bowl, in the location you picked from the 3rd bowl. For example, you give the chopping board to John in the bedroom.
  6. If the person accepts the item from you before realising they’re being tricked, then they’re out of the game.
  7. Last man standing wins!

3. Cards Against Humanity

Many of your stag do lads will have played Cards Against Humanity already but it has to be included on this list because of its pure craziness. This alternative stag party game is never played the same way twice because no two minds work the same.

How To Play

  1. We recommend you buy the official game for this one, as it has the widest range of cards to play with.
  2. Each person takes it in turns to pull a black card from the deck, which will have a sentence with blanks in it.
  3. Everyone else submits a card per blank space to fill in the blanks and complete the sentence.
  4. The person who chose the black card then reads the sentence out loud, filling the blanks in with each person’s submitted answer. They get to choose their favourite as the winner and pass the black card to that person.
  5. The person with the most black cards by the end of the game wins.

4. Toy Soldiers

We love an embarrassing stag party game and Toy Soldiers definitely won’t disappoint. It’s a simple game, with little prep work needed but some big laughs on your stag night out!

How To Play

  1. Buy a cheap bag of toy soldiers and hand one out to each of the lads before your stag night out on the town.
  2. The best man then has the right to yell ‘Assume your positions!’ at any point during the night and every lad has to assume the position of the toy solider that was given to him.
  3. If anyone refuses or doesn’t realise in time to strike their soldier pose, they’re out of the game.
  4. Last soldier left posing wins!

5. Bad Stags

It’s time to speak some truths during your stag party. All you’ll need is to write down some bold questions to ask your group and see how you’re seen by the rest of the lads.

This game is not for the faint of heart and it can often reveal some dark truths about what your mates really think of you. It’s particularly suited to stag party groups who know each other fairly well and who can take the game on with a good sense of humour.

How To Play

  1. Write ‘Who’ questions down on pieces of paper or cards and fold them in a bowl. For example, ‘Who is the biggest sex addict in the group?’ or ‘Who gets paid too much for their job?’. It’s completely up to you how cheeky you want to get with your questions.
  2. Your stag group members take it in turns to pick a question out of the bowl and read it out.
  3. The group then has to vote for who they think most fits the question.
  4. The winner is the lad who has won the vote the most times!

6. Mr And Mrs Stag Party Quiz

A Mr & Mrs Quiz is normally in the territory of hen party games. But we assure you, lads, that this is the perfect opportunity to rib the groom-to-be before he ties the knot. This stag party game is easy to set up and guarantees some laughs when he gets nearly all of the questions wrong.

How To Play

  1. Give the bride a list of 10-20 questions to answer that you think it might be hard for the groom to guess. Some examples would be: When is her birthday? What would she say is his worst habit? What’s her favourite sexual position? What of his would she love to throw out? When is the anniversary of your first date?
  2. Bring the bride’s answers to the stag party, get the stag to sit front and centre and ask him to guess the correct answers.
  3. Normally, if he gets a question wrong, he’d have to swig a drink. But for this non-alcoholic version of the game, you can get him to complete a forfeit or embarrass himself some other way. We particularly recommend getting him to text his wrong answers to the bride but that’s only for the VERY brave of heart.
  4. There is no winner here, just solid laughs.

7. Poker Night

A poker night with the lads is a classic lad’s night in and it’s the perfect stag do game if you’re looking for an easy idea for a small-ish stag party group.

Traditionally a pretty boozey event, a stag poker party can easily be made alcohol-free for the non-drinkers and still be a quality activity for everyone.

How To Play

  1. Choose your poker format (e.g. Texas Holdem).
  2. Set up your poker table.
  3. Buy snacks and drinks of choice.
  4. Play to win!

8. Murder Mystery Dinner

If your stag party members are particularly theatrical or if you’re planning a mixed gender Sten or Hag party, then a Murder Mystery Dinner might be the perfect choice for you.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to organise for a professional actor to come to your house to guide the activity. Or it’s very easy to find a scenario online and DIY.

How To Play

  1. Book an actor with us or find your own Murder Mystery scenario online.
  2. Organise for food to be served during the game.
  3. Give each person a character and play out the scenario.
  4. The first person to correctly guess the murderer wins!

9. Cream Cracker Challenge

Suggesting this stag do games for non-drinkers is a bit mean, considering you’re choosing it because you’d prefer not to drink. Well, in the cream cracker challenge, the whole idea is not to drink.

For this challenge, you have to place 6 cream crackers on a bench or table and each stag party member has to try and eat all 6 biscuits with only their mouth and their hands behind their back. No water or other drinks allowed to smooth it down your throat, either…and believe us, you’re going to want some sort of liquid when you’re done with this one.

How To Play

  1. Buy enough cream crackers for 6 per lad.
  2. Put on your stag party playlist and lay 6 crackers out on a table or bench for the first lad.
  3. Each lad will have to step up, put their hands behind their back and try to eat all 6 crackers (including crumbs).
  4. No drinks are allowed.
  5. The man to finish all 6 crackers the fastest, wins!


No matter which of these stag do games for non-drinkers that you choose, we know you’ll have an incredible time with your lads. No alcohol needed.
If we’ve missed any epic game ideas that you’ve tried, or if you want to share your game photos with us, then get in touch!

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