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The Busker Prank

The Busker Prank

Make the stag work for his drinks on his stag night out with the busker prank. A classic choice that’s plenty embarrassing but no one’ll get in trouble for this one…

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A man holding a guitar to complete the busker prank

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The busker prank is your slightly more alternative stag do stitch up. If your groom-to-be is musical (or even if he’s not) and you’d like to really embarrass him on the streets on your stag destination, then give this a go.

What you’ll need

  • A musical instrument (up to you if he knows how to play it or not)
  • Or a deck of cards or magic tricks he can use to busk for money on the street

How to do it

  1. Strip the stag of his wallet, phone, keys and everything else his has, bar his clothes of course.
  2. Then, armed with only a deck of cards or a guitar or some other busking provisions, put him to work busking on the street.
  3. The only money he has for the night is whatever he can collect in his hat.
  4. Find some nice window seats, sit back and watch the stag make an arse of himself.

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