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10 Cheap Stag Do Ideas To Stay On Budget

10 Cheap Stag Do Ideas To Stay On Budget

Lookin to keep your stag party under budget? Check out these top cheap stag do ideas to plan some epic fun without breaking the bank.

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Being short on cash for a stag do is one thing but being short on fun for a stag do is unacceptable…

After making it through the past couple of years in one piece, we know you deserve a blow-out stag. However, we also know that, because you’ve managed to survive, your budget might be a wee bit tighter than normal. Honestly, same. Because we’re very good people, we’ve compiled a list of 10 cheap stag do ideas to keep under budget and give you some support. You’re welcome.

1. Footgolf in Glasgow 

Everyone knows how big Scotland’s second city is on their football. And being Scottish, they also love a bit of golf, obviously. Combining the two might seem like an odd thing but it’s not quite as weird as you’d think.

Personally, we love the thought of being Rory McIlroy and Heung-Min Son all at once. Plus, golf balls are a freakin’ nightmare to find, whereas footballs, not so much.

Challenge your mates to a game of skill and endurance with this highly amusing, cheap stag do idea. You won’t even need to worry about your swing. 

2. Dodge, duck, dip & dive in Dingle

If you’ve ever seen Ben Stiller’s epic comedy, ‘Dodgeball’ (and if you haven’t, why not?) you’ll already be familiar with the 5 Ds of Dodgeball. Basically, it’s a sport where you’re only aim is to welly a ball at your mates in order to win.

Let’s be honest, everyone’s wanted to do that at one point or another but now you can do it in the name of sport. And you shouldn’t even have to apologise later.

Take on your besties for a hilarious afternoon of ducking and diving (literally) in the lovely port town of Dingle in the beautiful ROI. 

3. Football mania in Manchester

Manchester is known as one of the UK’s footballing Meccas and two of its best-loved attractions are, unsurprisingly, football-related. Man City’s Etihad Stadium is number one on TripAdvisor, with the National Football Museum coming in at number six. 

Etihad Tours take between 1-2 hours and are reasonably priced for a glimpse into one of the finest new stadiums in Europe. You can even have a virtual chat with Pep while you’re there. While you’re discussing your preferred lineup for the next game, remember to ask him where he gets all those amazing jumpers, please. We need something for our partners for Christmas and those Lynx gift sets are getting old.

Anyhoo, once you’re done with Guardiola and the boys, brush up on your football history with a trek around the National Football Museum. Both are great cheap stag do ideas and an excellent way to spend a relaxing afternoon before hitting up the city’s many, many bars. 

4. Axe throwing in Bristol

So, this is usually something that would get you a free all-inclusive holiday in your local high-security prison, but you can now do it free of the fear of a criminal record with Whistle Punks. Woohoo, right?

Get your lads down to Bristol to lob a sharp cutting tool at various targets in the hope of smashing the *hell* out of them. We ask you: what could be a better, more thrilling activity to make some memories with your best mates? Not only can you find out if you have a disturbing skill and should be avoided by people when you’re in a bad mood, but you can also do this without breaking the bank.

It’s difficult to think of a more unique cheap stag do idea.  Watching Jack Nicholson in The Shining before you go is optional but highly recommended. You know, just to get you in the mood.

5. Take on The Cube challenge in Carrick-on-Shannon

If your stag do loves a challenge and are fans of The Cube on TV, you can now form your own team and test your skills against your mates. There’s a variety of games to choose from, so you battle it out against each other to see who can claim bragging rights for the rest of the festivities.

It’s a great grey matter challenge and one of the best cheap stag do ideas with wide appeal for any group of competitive lads. Why not take the opportunity to exercise some of the brain cells you’ll undoubtedly kill off with beer later?  

The Cube can be booked in most Irish stag party destinations.

6. Heritage pub and beer tours in Leeds

Leeds might not automatically come to mind when you think of brewing and distilling, but it does have a solid reputation for both. If you’re heading that way and need cheap stag do ideas, then look no further than the excellent Heritage Pub and Beer Tour.

For a full afternoon of history, brewing tips and, most importantly, drinking local beer, join up with other like-minded individuals can get a taste of what the weekend has in store for you once you’re let loose on the Leeds party scene. 

7. Bar and club hopping in Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital is a haven of pubs and clubs, ranging from very traditional to ultra-chic and modern. It comes a no surprise that there’s a ton to choose from in Edinburgh as we know Scots like to enjoy a wee refreshment or two on the weekends.

One of our favourite cheap stag do ideas in Edinburgh is our weekend club pass. With it, you and your mates can gain free entry into some of the city’s most popular venues and live it up like it’s your last.

Choose from clubs and pubs, such as Club Tropicana (drinks aren’t actually free, sorry…), and Frankenstein, the massively popular Gothic 3-floor bar where you can watch a monster show and drink beer at the same time. 

8. Let North Wales take your breath away (literally…)

Visitors to rural North Wales often comment on sheep, cider and Snowdon. As well as being home to the UKs second highest peak, Yr Wyddfa (its Welsh name), the NW used to be one of the world’s most prominent slate mining areas. High-quality slate it still produced there today, but the canny Welsh have also made the most of their vast old slate quarries by turning them into actual adventure lands.

Zip World owns three separate sites across North Wales, so if you’re heading off to the city of Bangor for your weekend, they offer some great cheap stag do ideas. You can slide down Europe’s largest zip wire, take a hike at the top of Betws-y-Coed Forest, don your hard hat and go bouncing underground on the biggest trampolines we’ve ever seen, or sit tight and woosh past the trees on the Fforest Coaster.

Your choice is pretty much endless and the banter from the instructors is top quality. Iechyd Da! 

9. Practice your water sports in Newquay

Now, now, that’s not what we mean. We’re talking about actual water sports. Like, sports that take place in water. And if that’s your bag, the UK’s surfing capital and one of its best coastal towns is awash with opportunities (see what we did, there?). 

If you’re looking for some quality cheap stag do ideas, you can dive over to Newquay Activity Centre and check out the coasteering, stand up paddleboarding, surfing, and bodyboarding on offer. It’s the perfect way to ensure your stag goes swimmingly and you’ll be swamped with compliments from your crew. 

OK, we’ll stop with the water puns now. 

10. Get out of jail free in Belfast

If you’re after some harmless fun that can also double as a useful life skill (should you ever find yourself at Her Majesty’s Pleasure…), take your squad along for the Prison Island Escape Challenge in Belfast.

Channel your inner Steve McQueen as you attempt to break yourself and your mates out of a maze of 25 different rooms in the prison complex. Recommended movies to watch beforehand: The Great Escape, Red Notice, Escape from Pretoria.  Ok, maybe not the last one as they didn’t all make it out alive.

As a cheap stag do idea, this offers excellent value for money. It’s not often you get quite so much bang for your buck with traditional escape rooms, but this one is a peach. 


Stag dos don’t have to break the budget to be memorable. There’s no need to feel the pressure to go all out for yourself or have your mates feel they must go all out for you. These days, it’s not that difficult to find a range of quality, value for money activities to fill your time and ensure a good time is had by all without being worried about checking your bank balance on Monday. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to have an absolute ball with your best mates. Also, please bear in mind that being tied to a lamppost remains a free activity worldwide. Result. 

So, now that you’ve got your list of cheap stag do ideas, why not check out all stag party destinations we offer? We’ve got everything covered, from accommodation to meals and activities to suit any plan and budget.

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