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Essential Stag Party Packing List

Wondering what to put on your stag party packing list? Use our list for the top essentials!

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Wondering what to pack on a stag do? Going on a stag weekend away with the lads is nothing like a romantic getaway with your loved one, so box clever and make sure you pack all the essentials that will prepare you for any stag party eventuality!

Our ideal Stag Party packing list

Here at The Stag’s Balls, we have put together our ‘must have’ stag party packing list:

1. Trip itinerary

Whether you keep it on your phone or print out a copy to take with you, a copy of your stag trip itinerary is a MUST. Whether you’re staying fairly local or travelling abroad, you’ll thank yourself when you need the phone number or address of your stag activity venue.

2. ID

If you are taking off on one of The Stag’s Balls’ European stags, DO NOT FORGET your passport.

Also pack your driving license, so you can use this for club entry, rather than walking around town with a passport on you.

3. Painkillers

There is bound to be at least one suffering soul on this stag trip, so make sure it isn’t you with some painkillers to get you through the day (and the next morning).

4. Clothes

Depending on your chosen stag do destination, we recommend you pack: boxers, socks, shorts (if hot where you’re going), jeans, t-shirts, shirts and a jacket. You may even want to pack a suit if you’re all doing a formal evening.

And if your stag group are travelling abroad to somewhere properly cold, don’t forget your beanie, gloves and a scarf.

5. Shoes

Make sure to pack some smart shoes, as some clubs won’t let your stag lads in if you all look too casual.

6. Stag Party costume

If your stag group are planning some pranks, dares or have a stag do theme, then a costume is a must so you can make your mark on your stag party destination.

It’s up to you if you want to pack that lime green mankini for the stag himself or if you’re keeping it a bit classier!

7. Deck of cards

Perfect for drinking games, stag pranks and it also helps kill time when you’re stuck in the airport on the way back.

8. Portable charger

Bring a battery cell along so you can charge your mobile while your stag do is on-the-go. This is a must have on the stag party packing list for all of the crazy adventures the lads will embark on!

9. Plug adaptors

Super important if you’ve planned a stag party abroad or in Europe. And it’s something most of the stag group will probably forget, so make sure your bring yours.

Worst case scenario, they do sell these in most airports!

10. Water, water!

Remember some hotels don’t provide bottled water in the room, so stock up in your local supermarket that day and keep a litre in the room to alleviate those morning sweats!

11. Chewing gum

You will thank us for this one in the morning when your stag night alcohol breath still lingers!

12. Deodorant and aftershave

On the topic of alcohol breath, make sure you are fully packed with some sprays. Pick some travel size ones, so you are under the 100ml mark for airport security. Your stag do room mates will thank you and so will everyone on the plane home…

13. Toothbrush and toothpaste

Don’t be THAT guy who doesn’t brush his teeth. Make dure you’re fresh for any hen parties you meet on your stag night out!

14. Hair gel

Look as cool as the Fonz but be careful at airport security and just make sure your gel is under 100ml.

15. Sunglasses

Block out the sun with some shades.

If you’re going to a hot country then you should bring one that protects your eyes from 99-100% of UVA and UVB light, something those cheap ones simply won’t do. For a quick translation, this normally means glasses that are labelled as ‘UV 400’.

16. Travel insurance details

If something does go wrong, you may need to show your insurance details to a doctor. ALWAYS keep a copy on you. We’ve known a few wild stag parties in our time, so it’s worth being prepared.


If you haven’t yet booked your stag trip yet, check out our IrishUK and European destinations and submit a booking request for FREE to see if your ultimate stag weekend is available.

Check out The Foxy Hen if you know a hen looking for her version of our stag party packing list!

Need help with your Stag Party?

If you’re in stag research mode, check out all of our stag party destinations and stag do ideas.

For help booking your stag weekend or to discuss your ideas, chat with us live during office hours, submit a quick enquiry or contact us for any other queries.

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