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4 Classy Groomsmen Proposal Ideas

4 Classy Groomsmen Proposal Ideas

Getting hitched? Make sure you get your Groomsmen proposals right so you have your best lads with you to support you on the big day.

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Organising the stag party typically falls to the best man, but important groomsmen duties also include suit shopping and helping to keep the groom cool, calm and collected in the lead up to the big day. With this in mind, it’s important to get your groomsmen proposals right so you’ve got the most important lads in your life with you when you finally get hitched.

Groomsmen proposals: Ideas for your lads

If you haven’t yet asked your closest lads to stand by your side, here are a few of our favourite ways to ask them to help you survive those bridezilla moments and successfully tie the knot!

1. Pop the question…again

Working out how to propose to your bride can be tough. But you should know your lads well enough to come up with a funny and tongue-in-cheek way to propose to them.

You could raise a special pint with your mates with custom beer bottles asking them to join your groomsmen line-up printed on the front. Or if you’re flush with dosh, the splash out on cufflinks or matching ties which they can wear on your big day.

Whether you keep it simple or spoil them rotten, they’ll take away memorable times or a personal gift that they’ll remember long beyond the big day.

2. Break the ice

Will You Be My Paintball Content

Your groomsmen form a strong support network for you in the lead up to, and on, your big day.

They become a team you can rely on to help keep you organised and calm when the inevitable wedding dramas begin. So why not take your support group out for a day of fun activities and blow off steam, before asking them to join you in your wedding party.

Consider something different and exciting, with male bonding time over some paintballing, go karting or a proper pub crawl. You can book a single activity with us if you want to surprise your lads with a day out like this. You’ll find paintball, go karting and night activities in almost every IrishUK and European destination we offer.

The adventure will become a fun day out you’ll always remember, it helps your groomsmen to get to know each other in advance of the big day, and it sets a great tone for your stag party to come!

3. Suit up

Will You Be My Groomsmen Socks Content

Surprise your wedding squad by bringing them suit shopping or crazy sock hunting. Make an appointment in a store of your choice or bring a selection of silly socks to your favourite pub and pick your favs over a few pints.

When you’re ready, spring the news and see their faces light up (we hope?) when they realise you want them to back you up on the most important day of your life.

4. Bling for the big day

Take your groomsmen invitation up a notch with personalised gifts for the lads.

Not only will they appreciate the thought you put into it (corny, we know) but you’ll love the unique touch you can add to your wedding photos with personalised bling or matching items to give it a bit of fun.

You could engrave matching whiskey flasks or tie pins or find cuff links that suit each of your mates to show off when the snaps are taken on the big day. They’ll love having something to remember your shindig and that they got to share it with you.


Ask us about merchandise or the best gifts for groomsmen if you’d like to talk through any options not shown on our website.

And don’t forget to tell the girls to check out The Foxy Hen for their girls’ weekend plans.

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For help booking your stag weekend or to discuss your ideas, chat with us live during office hours, submit a quick enquiry or contact us for any other queries.

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