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Blog > The Hair Dye Prank

The Hair Dye Prank

A simple yet effective stag party prank. The hair dye prank is a great option if you want to give him a shock without ending any friendships. We recommend dying his beard!

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The hair dye prank showing a man with a beard dyed red

The hair dye prank is as simple as it sounds. It’s a tame but funny stag do prank that hits the spot for a laugh but won’t end any friendships.

What you’ll need

  • Hair dye of choice (choose one that won’t cause burns)

How to do it

  1. Wait till he falls asleep.
  2. Apply hair dye to his hair or beard (wait til he rolls for full coverage).
  3. Laugh hard when he wakes up.

Caution: Double check how long the hair dye can be left in safely. Choose one that it’ll be ok to leave it overnight, or leave the prank until just before he wakes up. Permanent hair dye can cause burns if left on too long, so be careful.

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