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72 Ideas For Hilarious Stag Do Badges

72 Ideas For Hilarious Stag Do Badges

Planning your stag outfits but don’t want to run down the street in full-blow costumes? Organise some hilarious stag do badges! They’re that bit subtler, might lead to free drinks and adds a fun token to remember the whole experience.

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Five stag do badges with slogans on them


Stag do badges are a bit of a departure from, and a little less in your face than, the traditional printed t-shirts that have long been a feature of stag dos across the UK and Ireland. Not that there’s anything wrong with t-shirts, but it’s just not everyone’s thing.

You might choose to opt for stag do badges if your celebrations are going to be a little more low-key than the average party. You might also be on a tighter budget and looking for something that still indicates what’s going down on the night without being too pricey, or you might simply choose to do something that’s a departure from the norm.

Whatever your reasons, there are so many options for stag do badges that the only problem you’re likely to have is which ones to go for. 

Funniest examples of stag do badges

  1. The Groom’s face graphic
  2. Buy me a drink, I’m getting married
  3. Stag Night in progress
  4. Caution: Stag Night
  5. I’m getting married!
  6. Sorry, I’m spoken for
  7. P*ssy Patrol
  8. It’s always beer o’clock
  9. Stag fest
  10. Game over for (insert name)
  11. This guy is getting married
  12. Let’s party, b*tches!
  13. Buy me a drink
  14. Last night of freedom
  15. Buy me a shot, I’m tying the knot
  16. Groom’s drinking team
  17. Lads on tour –
  18. This kn*b belongs to (insert bride’s name)
  19. The ‘I Do’ Crew
  20. Groomzilla
  21. The Wolfpack
  22. Beware! Stags on the loose
  23. Team Groom
  24. Groomzilla
  25. Stags are here
  26. Not tonight, ladies
  27. Personalise individual badges for the groom, best man, father of the groom, etc
  28. One final fling before the ring 
  29. Last ride…destination wedding
  30. Accepting beer donations
  31. Under new management
  32. Party Crew – Full Member
  33. Last Game (with football graphic)
  34. So, we’re getting drunk
  35. Batchelor Party Crew Member
  36. Beer Pong Participant
  37. Please fill with beer
  38. Keep calm and drink beer
  39. Who let the stags out?
  40. Goodbye to life, hello to wife!
  41. Man is incomplete until he is married. Then he is finished
  42. This beats wedding planning
  43. Dead man walking
  44. Soon to be victim
  45. Soon to be groom
  46. A few brews before the I Do’s
  47. Buy me a beer, the wedding is near
  48. Last days of freedom
  49. Let’s get ready to stumble
  50. Doomed groom
  51. Batchelor drinking team
  52. I popped the question
  53. I got down on one knee, tonight’s the last night I’m free
  54. All I wanted was a quiet drink
  55. If lost, please return to stag party
  56. Likely to be tied to a lamppost later
  57. Out with the gang before the ball and chain
  58. Raising hell before the wedding bells
  59. Keep calm and kiss the groom
  60. Single for the last time
  61. One last night, let’s do it right
  62. Bring on the ring
  63. Has anyone seen the rings?
  64. Ask me if I want another
  65. Sorry girls, this man is taken
  66. Cheers and beers
  67. First rule of stag do is you don’t talk about stag do
  68. Drunk and disorderly
  69. Man down!
  70. Oh Deer! (with stag graphic)
  71. Lads on tour 
  72. Soon to join the Dark Side

Where to buy stag do badges in the UK

Finding stag do badges in the UK is a simple venture. The vast majority are available online from various retailers the length and breadth of the four nations. There are also many retailers offering the chance to customize your stag do badges, so you can pay a little more and have anything you want written on them. You can also choose from graphics and photos of your choice. 

Where to buy stag do badges in Ireland

Should you organise stag do badges?


  • They can be preferable for quieter grooms who don’t want to advertise the stag to everyone in the bar
  • They might be better for mixed groups where older gents are involved
  • You don’t need to get everyone’s sizes, etc
  • You can dress up in your best gear and don’t have to worry about t-shirts
  • You can take them off at any time; particularly if you’re a smaller group heading somewhere that may not be overtly stag friendly
  • They’re a more budget-friendly option
  • They’re fully customisable, so you can request any image or text you want
  • You can find generic badges in many accessory stores
  • If you get arrested, there’s always the chance you can use a stag do badge pin to unlock your handcuffs… 


  • Stag do badges can be a bit too subtle for groups who want to make a statement
  • You probably won’t wear them again, whereas you may wear a t-shirt for working or chilling out after the stag
  • Not everyone wants pin holes in their best shirt
  • They don’t have space for a ton of images and text, so you may have to cut back 
  • Stag do badges are easy to lose when you’re out on the lash
  • If you want customised stag do badges, suppliers aren’t quite as plentiful as they are with t-shirt printing services
  • Stag do badges don’t have the same impact in group photos

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