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Blog > 15 Classic Stag Do Costumes and Fancy Dress Ideas

15 Classic Stag Do Costumes and Fancy Dress Ideas

The 15 top stag do costumes and fancy dress ideas for lads looking for ideas ranging from lighthearted to embarrassing to really out there.

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A stag party group wearing mario brothers stag do costumes on a street abroad in Europe


The best way for you and your mates to stand out in a crowd is to coordinate stag do costumes as a group. 

Getting your mates to all dress in the same outfit seems complicated. However, nothing says a group is ready for a long night out than one that’s dressed to the nines or all wearing a similar costume, or just dressing the stag up and wishing him the best on his walk of shame.

1. The Classic Stag Do Costumes


AC/DC, the Beatles, and Kiss. All had incredibly iconic looks that are replicated on a regular basis. Why not try rallying the lads and creating your own band for your stag do costumes? Embrace the rockstar life while on your stag do trip, show up, and show out. 

Tuxedo Shirts 

Another funny stag do costume is a play on your wedding attire. As John C. Reilly famously said in Talladega Nights, tuxedo shirts say “I like to be formal, but I’m here to party.” This stag do costume is as simple as could be and only requires the w

The Mankini

An alternative yet still classic stag do costume is the mankini. This incredibly skimpy outfit represents the friends who are trying to embarrass the stag or for the stag who is a bit more outgoing. By the time this outfit comes on, you better be ready to party. Now, you may not exactly be able to get into pubs or clubs dressed in the bare minimum, so make sure someone brings a set of clothes for the unlucky soul who’s rocking the mankini.

The Superhero

Queue up My Hero by the Foo Fighters and follow around the stag as he fights crime and saves passersby from precarious situations. Nothing screams look at me quite like the lads, or just the stag, wearing a Superman or Batman outfit in public. While your group won’t get into any dangerous predicaments, just know that your vigilante ally is just a step away at all times.

A group of guys wearing stag do costumes themed as superheroes

The Athlete

Everyone wants to live out their dream of fame and fortune. Big-time athletes have both, so why can’t you? Dress up in your favourite athlete’s uniform or, if the stag bears any resemblance to a famous athlete, have him wear his doppelganger’s kit. Surely a famous athlete won’t have to wait in any queues to get into a pub/club so expect to be hounded by fans looking for an autograph or ladies who want to chat up a group of world-renowned sportsmen. 

The Fireman

Another stag party costume that focuses on everyone’s favourite day savers. This outfit shows that even after a long day of saving kittens from trees and people from their overcooked pasta, they will still want to go out and party. While you shouldn’t actually be attempting to save anyone from precarious situations, the firefighting stag or stag party is ready to go at a moment’s notice. 

The Video Gamers

Stag do costumes inspired by video game icons is a brilliant idea if your group is a bit on the nerdy side, or if the Groom just grew up playing “Legend Of Zelda”, “Donkey Kong” or “Mario Bros.”. This theme promises a night of epic proportions, filled with no end of inside jokes and photo ops.

2. The Fancier Fancy Dress Ideas

Golf Outfits

Now wearing just a nylon polo and fancy pants would probably come across as pretentious, but a classic look that you might expect to see at St. Andrews or Muirfield will draw positive attention. Add a glove and yardage book to your back pocket to complete the look. 

The Old Timer

Peaky Blinders and Downton Abbey give us a solid insight into some of the best-dressed people of the early 20th century. Showing up with the lads in a fully put-together outfit like Thomas Shelby is a surefire way to stand out and also possibly intimidate the rest of the people in the establishment with your stag party. 

The Polo Player

This one is for the stag who wants to flaunt his wealth, whether real or perceived, to the crowd. Not many people have actually seen a polo player in full dress walking around in public, so this is the perfect opportunity to see how many people can recognize a solid outfit. Furthermore, walking around in polo boots is just a funny inconvenience.

The Spy

A slick outfit combined with dark sunglasses will have everyone wondering if you’re really an accountant or if that’s just a front for your secret lifestyle as a spy. Tack on some inconspicuous behaviour and you have yourself the perfect outfit to blend in with the rest of the crowd. Also, you can dress as sleek as you like without drawing too much attention, just make sure to have an elaborate excuse for why you travel back and forth from Moscow so frequently. 

The Politician

Who doesn’t dream of running their country? Wear a suit or blazer and have the rest of the lads act as a security detail. Also, dust off that watch you got as a graduation gift and you have yourself a polished, diplomatic look. Add a flag pin of your country to your blazer and put on your best Boris Johnson impersonation and make the pub your own personal 10 Downing Street. 

The Priest

Even the Pope needs to unwind every once in a while. Dress up the entire stag party as the Pope and his respective cardinals and enjoy a holy night out. Make sure not to desecrate any religious symbols and respect other’s faith, but also show that the ole pontifex still knows how to get down. 

3. The Out-There Stag Do Costumes

The Feminine Chic

For a stag do that truly stands out, consider turning your lads into ladies for your stag do costumes. This idea flips the script on traditional attire, inviting the groom and his mates to embrace their feminine side with dresses, wigs, and makeup. It’s a cheeky nod to the age-old tradition of causing a bit of harmless chaos before the groom’s big day. This costume theme is not just a test of bravery; it’s a way to ensure your group remains the centre of attention and the source of endless laughs throughout the night.

The Living Dead

For those looking to blend humour with a dash of horror, zombie-themed stag do costumes offer a thrilling twist. Picture the stag party as a horde of the undead, roaming the streets in search of fun rather than brains. This theme is not just about the shock factor; it’s about creativity and teamwork, as you put together outfits that are as grotesque as they are hilarious. From tattered clothes and fake blood to prosthetic wounds and eerie makeup, the zombie theme is sure to be a hit, making your stag do a night of frightful delight.

Buying Your Stag Do Costumes


There are a million different options for the best stag do costumes for your group. Whether you opt for a fancier look or an embarrassing one, the stag or stag party as a whole is sure to be noticed. Thinking of the perfect costume can be hard, yet this stag party costumes guide should help you narrow down the decision-making process.

Get excited to see some awkward and surprising interactions during your day. While we can’t guarantee that everyone will recognize you, we do guarantee that a costume will enhance the experience and draw some attention to the stag. Do you prefer the more fancy, classic or out-there stag do costumes?

Check out our other stag party ideas or start researching your preferred stag weekend destinations to set the scene for your outfits!

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