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The Ultimate List Of Stag Do Rules And Forfeits

The Ultimate List Of Stag Do Rules And Forfeits

The complete list of stag party rules and forfeits to liven up your stag night out.

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stag do rules and forfeits

No proper stag party is complete without some hilarious stag do rules and forfeits. Stag party forfeits are bound to get the banter going and are a sure-fire way to create stories to share with the wedding guests on the big day!

We didn’t want to just give you guys the rules on their own without the forfeits to complete the stag party humiliation picture. So we’ve put together a full list of the best stag do dares and forfeits for your lads to fail epically at…

Stag Do Rules

  1. The Golden Rule – What happens on the stag party stays on the stag party!
  2. Everyone has to call each other by their full name (first and last), not by any short or nickname
  3. Everyone must drink with their bad hand
  4. Everyone must hug a stranger before they can leave each pub
  5. No swearing
  6. No photos allowed
  7. Nobody is allowed to say ‘no’
  8. Nobody can avoid a round
  9. Anytime someone finishes a drink they must shout ‘sausage’
  10. No discussing your home or work lives
  11. The last person of the group to leave a pub must buy a round of shots for everyone in the next pub

Stag Do Forfeits

And If Anyone Breaks The Rules, Try These Stag Party Forfeits

1. Grin And Bear It

The unfortunate lad who loses this forfeit needs to find the biggest, beefiest man he can find in the pub and order him a Cocksucking Cowboy (butterscotch and baileys). Extra points if they give him a wink and a wave…

Raise the stakes: Blow him a kiss

2. The Flirt

Approach a guy in the bar and flirt like you’ve never flirted before. Just picture Pamela Anderson in her prime and she’s single and ready to mingle. Keep eye contact, smile, compliment, giggle and write your phone number on a beermat for them…

Raise the stakes: Get their phone number.

3. Dancing Monkey

Decide on a dance move (my favourite is the worm) and the unlucky lad must attempt this move when anyone in the group asks for it.

Raise the stakes: Find someone else in the pub to do it with them.

4. A Picture Says A Thousand Words

This one is for the stag only. Find the most embarrassing picture you can find of the stag and make him post it as his social media profile for the stag night out or for the whole stag weekend.

Raise the stakes: He has to tag his fiance in the picture.

5. Chilli Burns

Make sure someone in the group pops to the local supermarket beforehand and has some red-hot chilis at the ready. Watch the unlucky lad chomp them down and beg for some refreshment. Before you know it they’ll be on their ear because the only form of refreshment is more alcohol!

Raise the stakes: Make sure the barman is under strict instructions NOT to serve them water.

6. Lock Of Hair

Pick some unfortunate lady with flowing locks and attempt to convince her to part with a small part of those locks as a memento of the Stag Weekend.

Raise the stakes: Save this one for the slaphead in the group and get them to stick the lock of hair on their shiny crown.

7. Fancy Dress

This one needs to be planned in advance. Bring the most embarrassing, ridiculous costume you can find and have it to hand for each unlucky lad to try on when they break the Stag Party rules. A skimpy bikini and high heels is sure to get a few laughs!

Raise the stakes: Bring some lippy and mascara to complete the look.

8. Gay Wedding

Save this one for two of the group. One of them must get down on one knee and propose to the other who, in turn, accepts their proposal. They must then continue to remain arm-in-arm for the rest of the time in the pub.

Raise the stakes: Perhaps a 5 second kiss on each other’s lips to seal the deal.

9. Fake Tan

Have some fake tan to hand and choose a body part to plaster it on. One hand or half of the face is a good bet. Don’t be shy, apply liberally!

Raise the stakes: Make them wear a white shirt to make that tan stand out.

10. Dance Like Everyone’s Watching

Proceed to dance like a maniac all around the pub for 30 minutes. Get up close and personal with every table and every person. Show off your best dance moves. John Travolta eat your heart out!

Raise the stakes: Dance on the bar, just try not to get kicked out!

11. The Onesie

Have a bright pink onesie ready which can easily be slipped on or off for anyone who breaks the rules.

Raise the stakes: Acquire 10 pictures hugging members of the public.

12. The Toilets

Every time they need a toilet break, they must run to the toilet shouting out of the way it’s a number 2 and I’m prairie dogging!

Raise the stakes: Use the ladies toilet.

13. The Fantasy

Think of the weirdest fetish imaginable then watch as that lad walks up to a stranger and explains their fetish. Our favourite is Nasolingus… getting aroused by sucking on someone’s nose!

Raise the stakes: They must try and get whoever they talk to partake in their newly found fetish.

14. Press It Up

Challenge a fit-looking stranger to a push-up or planking competition.

Raise the stakes: Do it while balancing a pint on your body!

15. The Sock Challenge

This one is best kept to the 2nd day and preferably with socks that have been worn since the day before. The unlucky lad must take one of the said socks, place it over their pint and neck the full pint through the sock… barf!

Raise the stakes: Try it with a pair of someone’s tighty whities.

16. The Eyebrow Challenge

Have some hair removal strips to hand, place it over one of the person’s eyebrows and rip it off! They might need a neat whiskey to hand to deal with the pain

Raise the stakes: Try both eyebrows.

17. Magic Mike

Make them take a trip to the toilet and return starkers naked except for one sock on their pride and joy.

Raise the stakes: Replace the sock with a thong.

18. Lip Smacking

Find a girl willing to paint the offending lad’s lips with lipstick and he’s not allowed to rub it off for an hour or the whole evening, depending on how evil you’re feeling. He’s pretty much guaranteed to go home alone on this stag do night out.

This forfeit is nice and practical as you can easily store a lipstick in your back pocket for the night or borrow one off the obliging lady.

Raise the stakes: You’re welcome to go for the full makeup look if you can be bothered carrying it with you.

19. Busking Challenge

Belt out your best Tom Jones impression to make enough money for your first pint.
Raise the stakes: They must busk ‘I’m a little teapot’.

20. Romeo Romeo

Serenade a passing lady while on one knee singing ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston

Raise the stakes: You have to sing the whole song from start to finish.

So there you have it, our full list of stag do rules and forfeits to ensure a tonne of laughs and embarrassment!

Get in touch if you need a hand planning an epic stag party!

Image credit: Tom Swinnen, by Pexels

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