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Top 10 Tips for Proposing to Your Girlfriend

D. Fennessy
Thu 06 Apr 17 16:07

How to Propose Ideas The Stags Balls 2

Proposing to your girlfriend can be a major pressure builder. And as much as we like to see newly engaged couples flocking away on their stag and hen parties, the proposal is one thing you really want to get right. For some women this is something they dream about since they’re little girls. For others it’s nothing like a Disney film and they have zero interest in being treated like a princess. Knowing your potential bride to be and what she wants makes all the difference.

Let’s be clear it’s all about the bride. Just because you want to show off your lady in front of a crowd doesn’t mean you should, she may find it totally cringe-worthy. So here’s our selection of a few tried and tested ways to propose.

1. Classic romantic dinner proposal

Sometimes the simple proposals can be the best. There’s a reason why so many dates take place over a lovely dinner. In the right restaurant you’ll get a great meal, the wine is flowing and the dim lighting make it a great romantic setting. Perfect setup to start reminiscing about when you first met and the great times you’ve had.

You can combine this with a number of options. Have the chef surprise her by incorporating the ring into the presentation of the dessert. Take her out to her favourite restaurant and request the nicest table (book well in advance to avoid disappointment). Nice and simple, what could be better?

If you do go for this option consider if it's a really busy place. If they have a more secluded part see if you can get access. Also you don't have to get down on one knee. You can ask while sitting down and working into the formality of taking a knee as you get into the moment. It's all about knowing what she would like.

Proposal Ideas Romantic Dinner The Stags Balls

2. Base your proposal around the place

Does she have a favourite place that she always loves visiting? It could be the top of a mountain that she loves hiking, her favourite roof top bar or restaurant or a cabin in the countryside that you guys visited when you were in the early stages of your relationship. Anywhere that feels romantic or that is very special to her.

Just watch out dragging her on an exhausting hill climb and asking her when she's out of breath and sweating like a cat, with a long tail, in a room full of rocking chairs!

Proposal Ideas Special Places The Stags Balls

3. Incorporating her hobbies

If there’s a hobby or pass time that she absolutely loves then think of someway you can incorporate them into your proposal. Of course if her hobby is boxing or a quiet yoga class then you bursting in and declaring your undying love might not fit too well. But if she loves horse riding then taking her for a horse ride through the countryside is an easy winner, followed by your proposal is a no brainer.

Proposal Ideas Incorporating her Hobbies The Stags Balls

4. The great outdoors

If you’re looking for somewhere romantic then parks, lakes, mountains, forests and beaches can make a great natural background to set the scene. This is perfect if she’s very outdoorsy. Try and pick a time when the place isn’t swarming with tourists and you should have a great outdoor proposal.

A word of warning though, watch out in places where you could drop or lose the ring. If that ring goes over the edge of a cliff it is GONE!!!

Proposal Ideas Outdoor Proposals The Stags Balls

5. Spell it out

Get creative and spell out your proposal in a stand out way. Chalk on the sidewalk, Carved into the ice on the car windshield or get a graffiti artist to mock up a cool design for her. It’s visual, it stands out and it can be made really personal with a little thought about location or the message. If she’s creative herself she might really appreciate it. If she’s a graphic designer, photographer or a pastry chef you can easily incorporate her passion and your love for her into one solid proposal. Or if you have a job that requires some creativity then you can put your own spin on the proposal particularly if she likes your creations.

Proposal Ideas Spell it Out The Stags Balls

6. Get friends and family involved

This enters into the whole area of public or private proposal. Just having a small group of close family and friends can be perfect for a lady who wants a little attention but not in the middle of a football stadium surrounded by loads of fans pissed out of their skulls.

You really want to be careful with any type of public proposals. If she's not in to them or in any way shy they can go down like a lead balloon. Some of the best family proposals can be if they involve kids. Particularly if you have kids already or if you're asking to become both husband and a step dad. Consider this proposal that a groom made to his soon to be step daughter, asking her if he could be her dad, and what it would have meant to the bride and daughter.

7. Public Proposals

Public marriage proposals are a major dividing point when it comes to popping the question. We see them all the time on films and TV shows but bear in mind most of those corny films are written by men. In fact the majority of women admit to not liking public proposals. It’s not very intimate, after she has (hopefully) said yes you have no space or privacy to be alone and it places an enormous amount of pressure on her to say yes. Ultimately our advice is make damn sure your girlfriend is into public displays of affection. Watch some comedies together and if at a public proposal she’s cringing and watching with her hands covering her face unable to watch then she is most definitely not that type of girl. On the other hand if she openly says “how cute” when he declares his undying love for her then maybe she is into them. But even then that’s not an invitation for you to do the same. She might find it cute until she finds herself in that position.

If you’re really not sure try asking one of her friends or sisters. They should know instantly whether she would like the idea. Ultimately our advice is if you’re not 100% sure then don’t risk it!

At the Rio Olympics the Chinese Diver Qin Kai proposed to his girlfriend He Zi after she had just won a silver medal for her performance in the three-metre springboard. Although she said "yes" it quickly received criticism from commentators (many of whom were women) that felt it stole the spotlight from her on what should have been the proudest moment of her life. Wow. That’s one hell of a proposal. Let's just hope it's remembered for the romance and not the potentially crushing stealing of the spotlight!

Proposal Ideas Public Proposals The Stags Balls

For the record here at The Stags Balls HQ our whole team give a firm "no" to public proposals. The only one getting embarrassed should be the groom on his stag party!

8. Intimate Proposal at home

Of course the complete flip side to this is a well laid out romantic return home where your partner walks into the house and the place is adorned with flowers, candles, balloons and either finds you prepared to ask the four magic words, or finds the ring in it’s box facing her.

The major benefit to this is it’s intimate and romantic, but most importantly the whole evening can then turn into dinner and champagne after the proposal. This is a way you truly tell your partner how special they are to you.

Proposal Ideas Romantic Proposal at Home The Stags Balls

9. Intimate Proposal in Hotel Away

Plan a getaway with your partner and when you go out for an evening of wining and dining organise with the hotel to have flowers, candles and champagne arranged in your room. Let her walk in first and when she turns around you pull out the ring and take a knee.

Proposal Ideas Romantic Hotel Room Proposal The Stags Balls

10. Sweet and simple proposal

Ever seen the Simpsons episode where Homer sends Mr Burns a box of chocolates with a picture of the family underneath? Well this is the same idea. Contain the message in the dessert. Just make sure the word “Marry” isn’t hidden under the fruit & nut chocolate.

Otherwise you can always add this in with the restaurant idea and ask the pastry chef to spell the words out for you on the side of the dessert plate.

If you decide to include the ring in the actual presentation we'd strongly advise that it's clearly visible in a way that she won't take a spoon and swallow the bloody thing. Not very romantic.

Proposal Ideas Sweet and Simple The Stags Balls

If you take one thing away we'd strongly recommend that you keep it simple and romantic. Proposals don't need to be over the top to be special, and frankly the bigger they get, the bigger the risk of creating something hamfisted and cheesy.

Author: D. Fennessy


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