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Blog > Top Coronavirus Stag Party Ideas

Top Coronavirus Stag Party Ideas

Just because you are all stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun!

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Coronavirus Stag Party Ideas

So the dreaded Coronavirus / COVID-19 has put paid to your Stag Party plans.

All of the work that you and the lads spent months of organising for what was going to be the most Epic Stag Party ever, has gone down the drain… for now. Fear not! Just because you are all stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun!

The Stag Party can still be marked in some way and that’s where we at The Stags Balls have come to the rescue with some innovative coronavirus stag party ideas!

We have followed our tried and trusted Stag’s Balls format of daytime activities, nighttime activities and food options. You may not get the chance to meet the lads in person or escape from the family for a few days, but by trying out our Coronavirus Stag Party ideas, this will be the next best thing.


I’m afraid there’s only one option available here and that’s to STAY AT HOME!

Daytime Activities

Darts Virtual Stag Party Competition

What you need: Dartboard, darts, internet connection and phone / laptop

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen a surge in popularity of video apps like Zoom, Houseparty, Skype, Google Hangouts etc. Not only do they allow you to see and talk to each other, you can also put them to other uses like a Virtual Darts Stag Party Competition! Decide on who takes scores beforehand and make sure those that are playing have their cameras aligned to see the board and player throwing.
Game on!

Child throwing

What you need: Children, empty plastic bottles

Who says kids aren’t allowed on a stag party? This is preferable if you have your own children. We don’t advise using other people’s children. Surface preparation is key. Give the floor a good clean and make sure it’s slippery and shiny. Line up some empty plastic bottles, pick up your child and (gently) toss them towards the bottles to see how many you can knock down. You’ll have fun and your child will have fun too!

Child in the air
Image credit: Pikrepo

Spirit Tasting

What you need: Spirits, glasses, a bucket

Whiskey and gin tasting classes have become an activity of choice for a large number of hen and stag party groups. Everybody has a few bottles of strange spirits / liquor sitting in the back of the press gathering dust. Well now is the time to finally dust them off and get them out.

Line up some glasses, pour a healthy measure into each one and enjoy!… It might be a good idea to have the bucket to hand for obvious reasons 🤮

If you find you can’t stomach some of them, then save it for homemade hand sanitizer to kill the Coronavirus!

Wine bottles
Image credit: Hunt_on_Photos_Studio, by Pixabay

The Coronavirus Olympics

What you need: Everyday household items. Have a rummage around the house to see what you can find!

The Cube is an all-time favourite of Stag Do’s and we have come with our very own game based on the hit TV show. Using one of the many video chat programs currently out there, you can face off against another member of the stag group. Similar to the TV show, you can come up with challenges that will test throwing, speed, memory and balancing using everyday household items.

Here’s a selection to get you started:

  • Throwing – grab a container like a dustbin or bucket and make sure you and your competitor has similar objects to throw, e.g tennis ball, football, rugby ball. Decide on a number of different marks which are set a certain distance back from the container. Both players then stand on these marks and try to throw the object into the container. First one to miss is out and the winner stays on!
  • Speed – decide on who is going to keep time and create your very own obstacle course in the back garden! In the interests of fairness the obstacle courses will have to be the same and please please don’t create anything that is likely to trip you up or knock you over, the hospitals have enough on their plates dealing with COVID-19! Fastest around the course wins!
  • Memory – a deck of cards is best used for this one. Spread out all 52 cards face down on a surface and take it in turns to pick two cards at a time. If you get a pair, you go again and the first person to match up all their deck wins!
  • Balancing – this will put all those empty beer cans to good use. See who can stack the highest tower, one can on top of another can and to make it even more interesting, set a time limit! We recommend 30 seconds.
Toilet roll bowling

Nighttime Activities


What you need: A willing partner, sexy lingerie (for your partner)

This one will involve a lot of sucking up to the Mrs-to-be in advance. We recommend lots of compliments every day, cooking dinners, listening and just generally being a good partner. It might be worth increasing the sadness levels about missing out on the Stag Party. Once she sees how sad her amazing partner is, hopefully she’ll be willing to partake.

If you don’t have a partner you can always settle for a virtual trip to Die Happy Tonight (DHT), a New York-based members-only strip club now offering virtual experiences to keep stag parties happy.

Room Crawl

What you need: 2 or more rooms, plenty of alcohol, snacks, family participation

Pub Crawls are a must for any Stag Party. But unfortunately like a lot of things, the Coronavirus has also temporarily put an end to that. Why not create your own pub crawl at home? You’ve stocked up on the slabs of beer so now let’s disperse some of that sweet nectar in different rooms of the house and each room can act like a pub!

Maybe your partner and/or children can act as the bar staff in each room? Some rooms might have music playing, some might have a TV in the corner – leave it up to your partner and family to decide that. Like any good pub that caters for stag parties, crisps and nuts are a must too!

The beer might not be as good as a pub, but if you’re a Guinness drinker check out this tip for the perfect pint from a can.


What you need: Decent tunes, smart attire

The kitchen could be the best bet for the stag friendly nightclub. Make sure the floor is polished up nicely and ready for some dodgy dancing. Have some tunes at the ready, disco balls / lights if you have them and pump up the volume!


This is a must for any Stag Do and will stand you in good stead for the Stag Party antics. We don’t want you shying off early because you forgot to put a lining on the stomach!


What you need: A phone

A simple one. Pick your favourite takeaway, pick up the blower and dial their number! Or use one of the many delivery platforms out there like Deliveroo, JustEat or UberEats. There are any amount of pizzerias, burger joints, chinese and indian takeaways doing deliveries in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

There’s even a lot of fancy restaurants now delivering so you might decide to treat yourself to your favourite Steak Restaurant as a hat tip to the stag. Keep the family to hand for a bit of banter while you’re eating. You and the lads could even chip in and pay for the stag’s take away if you’re feeling generous.

Fry up

What you need: Sausages, rashers, eggs, pudding, beans, toast, tea / coffee
No doubt there’ll be a fragile head the next day and every Stag Party knows the best cure for that is a slap-up fry to soak up all the damage from the night before.

The Mrs will need to be up early for this one so that it’s ready and waiting when you fall out of the bed. Who knows, maybe she might still be feeling generous and will bring it to you in bed!?

We hope we have given you some inspiration to create your very own Coronavirus Stag Party and we would love to hear from you via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Remember guys, we are all in this together and by keeping your social distance and washing your hands, you are keeping COVID-19 at bay but most importantly you are saving lives!

Get in touch if you would like some help getting it organised!

Need help with your Stag Party?

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For help booking your stag weekend or to discuss your ideas, chat with us live during office hours, submit a quick enquiry or contact us for any other queries.

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