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Virtual Stag Party Ideas At Home

Virtual Stag Party Ideas At Home

Jump on the online bandwagon and organise a virtual stag party with these easy ideas.

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Virtual Stag Party Ideas

With the majority of the world in lockdown, video calls and virtual get togethers have become the norm. If you have had the misfortune of a cancelled stag party due to COVID19, then why not jump on the virtual bandwagon and organise a virtual stag party!

We have drawn up a list of virtual stag party ideas to help you plan your stag do and get your creative juices flowing. Like me, you might be beginning to lose interest in the weekly family quiz, so this might be the perfect excuse to give this week’s one a miss.

Decide On Your Video Technology

Up until a few months ago, I had never heard of Zoom. Now, thanks to COVID-19, it’s almost second nature to drop it into everyday conversation and I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes it into next year’s dictionary!

Thankfully, in addition to Zoom, there are a lot of other options out there and here’s some useful information to help you decide which is best for your virtual stag party.


  • Maximum 100 participants
  • Meeting length limited to 40 minutes

Facebook Messenger

  • Maximum 50 people
  • Will only show 6 people at a time on screen
  • Unlimited meeting time


  • Maximum 32 people
  • Unlimited meeting time
  • Everyone has to be on an Apple device


  • Maximum 50 people
  • Unlimited meeting time


  • Maximum 10 people
  • Unlimited meeting time

Google Hangouts

  • Maximum 8 people
  • Unlimited meeting time

Choose A Theme

Just like a real stag party, why not decide on a theme for your Virtual stag party. Everyone’s got a cream Armani suit at home right? It might be difficult for everyone to get an outfit together at home, so pick something easy like lumberjacks.

Every lad is bound to have a check shirt gathering dust in their wardrobe! Or if that proves to be difficult, why not try a colour and lads can let their imaginations run riot as they decide how best to wear that colour.

Liverpool team

Stag Do Tunes

Any decent virtual stag party has to have some good tunage! Decide amongst you who’s gonna be DJ. They can work on their playlist in the lead up to the big event and have the tunes pumping in the background. Let them take requests during the event too.

Word of advice, if any of the group have been known to disclose some suspect music tastes over the years then make sure NOT to pick them. I’m pretty sure the ears of your virtual stag party attendees do not want to be tainted with The Best of Chesney Hawkes… does that even exist?!

Stag Party Drinks

This is my favourite part…

Make sure the fridge is adequately stocked with beer and all non-essentials like food and water are disposed of. This also gives everyone the chance to show off their Cocktail making skills or at least attempt to.

Have a quick Google of the ingredients of your favourite cocktail, pop down to the local off-license and supermarket to make sure everything is to hand… then off you go, time to smash some glasses and get f’ed up!

Our favourite cocktail at The Stags Balls HQ is a Whiskey Sour and here;s how you make it:


  • 50ml bourbon
  • 35ml lemon juice
  • 12½ ml 2:1 sugar syrup
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • ½ fresh egg white
  • Ice
  • 50p-sized piece of lemon zest
  • For the garnish: slice of orange and a cherry on a stick


  1. Shake all of the ingredients (except for the lemon zest) hard with ice and strain into an ice-filled rocks glass.
  2. Squeeze the lemon zest, shiny side down over the drink so the scented oils spray across the surface.
  3. Discard the zest, add the garnish and serve.
Stag party cocktail

This Is Your Life

Have everyone in the group as well as the stags family members gather as many photos of the stag as possible in the lead up to the big event. Once you have a gmail account, Google slides is an easy to use piece of software that will allow you to display the photos in a slideshow format.

Just keep in mind, you’ll need to be using a video platform which allows you to share your screen so that everyone in the virtual stag party group can see the pics.

This is a nice little time filler ahead of the ensuing madness. Embarrassing pics of the Stag as a toddler or on their grad nights are a must!

Embarrassing stag photo

Stag Do Games

You’ve got dressed up, some decent music is on (we hope), you’ve a drink in hand, so now it’s time for some virtual stag party games to get the fun started!!

We know that your usual stag do pranks aren’t really possible at the moment, so the easiest option here might be to just turn on the XBox or Playstation and get a game of Fifa or Call of Duty going.

While we love a good gaming session, this may not lend itself to participation from everybody. Here are some alternative options for your virtual stag party which includes participation for all and better still, guaranteed laughs for everyone!

Truth or Dare

Save this one for when everyone is well oiled and their Dutch Courage levels are up. I’ve always found the Truth part to be boring so maybe just call it Dares. This will really see who’s got Balls of Steel in the virtual stag party group.

What’s that, Dan? You’ve got no fear? Ok then… we dare you to get stark naked, leave your house, grab a traffic cone and run up and down the street shouting ‘it’s not fair! This should have been recycled!’…

Hazard cone

Stag Quiz

Another one to be prepared in advance. Think of an interest that everyone in the group has and choose the questions based around that. Keep in mind nobody likes a quiz that’s too difficult so don’t be asking lads what the capital of Uzbekistan is!

Multiple choice answers are good, bonus points for certain questions are a good opportunity for people to come back into contention and to keep it fun and lighthearted, ask questions about the Stag himself!

Drinking Games

Your stag do drinking games is where a bucket might come in handy for the lightweights in the group… what better way to get a laugh then watching one or some of the lads get shitefaced?

‘Never have I ever’ is a good one, or my favourite – fuzzy duck! Simply decide the order in which people say “fuzzy duck”. At random, someone can say “does he” on their turn, at which point everything reverses and, going anti-clockwise, everyone has to say “ducky fuzz” instead. When someone says ‘does he’, the direction switches once more and you’re back to “fuzzy duck”. Anyone who manages to get the words mixed up or wrong takes a drink!


Perhaps, best saved for the end of the night and calling it karaoke might be a stretch. Another name could be ‘Drunken Sing Along’.

Pick an anthem for your virtual stag party, turn up the volume, bang the walls, bang the table, wake up your neighbours, pick up the dog and just generally let loose!… WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS WE ARE!!!

Get in touch if you would like a hand organising a stag party or are looking for more virtual stag party ideas.

Image credit: olegixanovpht, by Unsplash

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