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Stag Do Gdansk

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Check out Stag Do Gdansk for the best Activities, Packages, Ideas, Accommodation, Night and Stag Party Weekend Deals at the best price with The Stag's Balls.
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Why choose Gdansk as a Stag Party destination?

Stag parties have been searching long and hard for the optimum combination in European cities for the big weekend. Appealing beach parties, a grand reputation for beer, an incredible clubbing scene… not too many stag party destinations can claim fame to boasting each of these stag party perks. Well, a certain Polish mistress has cracked the code and her name is Gdansk.

The port city of Gdansk knows how to extend a hearty welcome to guests and travellers, as they have been doing so for centuries after all. Reeling from a tumultuous history, Gdansk has changed hands between many the empire over the years from Prussia to the Soviet Union.

Gdansk’s eventful past has left its mark on the port city with a combination of chapels, monuments, gates, fortifications and vividly coloured townhouses that each tell a story from a different era. With great investment and rejuvenation of the area in recent years, Gdansk takes pride in its thriving tourism industry and entertains millions of international travellers each year. Now they are ready to welcome your Gdansk stag party with open arms, Polish beer and epic adventures.

Synonymous with other great Polish cities, Gdansk also takes immense pride in its sport, namely soccer. The grand Stadion Energa Gdansk (formerly Baltic Arena) will ring a bell in most lads’ ears for the part it played in the Euro 2012 finals. The stag didn’t get a ticket at the time? Still reeling from our epic hammering by Spain? Not to worry, you and the stag do can go back to the scene of the crime.

You, my friends, won’t be mere spectators either… you will get a first-hand panoramic view of the stadium on a Zipline! This is an adrenaline-pumping, pants-soiling stadium activity not to be missed. Other activities to be enjoyed in Gdansk include karting, bowling, airsoft and some rip-roaring water activities that can also be expected from a Gdansk stag party.

Gdansk provides the greatest combination of Stag venues so it’s a definite winner if you’re hoping to keep every lad happy. There’ll be no excuse not to Gdansk the night away on the stag party… Harhar…

Gdansk’s enthusiastic beach parties are perfect for the ‘nancy boys’ on the stag who believe that you can’t travel to greater Europe without working on that suntan. Meanwhile, the inner city promises beer halls to charm your socks off, street parties to charm them back on again and some fatal liquor and nightclubs that will put hair back on the ‘nancy boys’’ chests. Prepare for the pissup of all pissups on your Gdansk stag do.

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Orrrr.. you can book the stag party right now and without a deposit. Don’t believe us? Give it a go, my fine sir!! Tick off some ticklish stag activities from our package builder above and tick book now. Once you’ve cherry-picked your personalized stag party extravaganza, you register your own Stag’s Balls account just for you, yes you! Now all that’s left to do is invite in each guest through their email, they pay their own way, they further customize their itinerary and we handle all the dirty work! Easy peasy.

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