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Stag Do Warsaw

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Check out Stag Do Warsaw for the best Activities, Packages, Ideas, Accommodation, Night and Stag Party Weekend Deals at the best price with The Stag's Balls.
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Why choose Warsaw as a Stag Party destination?

Warsaw is known for two things, its vodka and its women. That’s good news for the bachelors on the stag party as they can always drown their sorrows with the former when they fail to pull the latter. Warsaw’s nightlife is known to be one of the most sophisticated and dapper in all of Europe, so make sure to have your tuxes and cigars at the ready for the Warsaw stag party. Your troop of eager chaps will fit in no problem as they’re resting on the bar on the Warsaw stag do in their pinstripe suits and whiskeys in hand. Very swanky!

Warsaw is a colossal city with a varied cityscape. Remnants of the Communist era are a trademark of this Polish city and, as a result, Warsaw is packed full of domineering statues and structures like the Palace of Culture and Science. Other popular restored landmarks that predate Communism include the old town market square and the Barbican.

But enough of that, as much as we know the stag will be dying to go sightseeing, unfortunately we’re going to have to bore you now by listening to some of the other activities we offer Warsaw stag parties: Karting, bungee swing, bungee jumping, national stadium tours and monster truck driving… yawwnn.

By night, let us set you up with our kinky Polish tour guide who will bring your brigade of happy chappies to all of Warsaw’s swankiest… or dodgiest haunts (depending on your preferences). We can even set you up with a vodka tasting session which is almost obligatory… when in Rome as the ladies say… or Poland in this case. For the vodka tasting activity, your Warsaw stag party can send their palates on a guided tour of Poland’s finest spirit with some meat and cheese on the side as soakage and an expert at hand to help ensure none of the lads on the stag go blind!

Alternatively, your stag do can go on a literal tour of the city in your own private party bus. Not sold on this activity… the party bus is stocked with a FREE BAR! We bet that changed your mind. Wobble out of the party bus when you’ve had your fill of exploration (and booze) and into one of our exclusive Warsaw nightclubs. Warsaw stag party sorted!

If you’re ready to book a Warsaw stag party, however, you can do so straight away and with no deposit either. Simply pick and choose all the activities from our Warsaw package builder that you know will have the stag laughing like the big baby that he is. Next, you can make your own personal Stag’s Balls account that you can use to manage the Warsaw stag party booking and invite Stagees in through their emails.

All you have to do now, my main man, is sit back, relax and let every attendee look after themselves and pay their own way for the Warsaw stag party. We have you covered right down from the daytime activities to your late-night endeavours, the stag pranks you pull on the other hand… that’s entirely up to you.

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