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Shooting Range

  • 60 Mins
  • Min. Nums 6
  • Min. Age 18
  • Disabled Access
  • 30 shots
  • Shooting Competition
  • Engraved Trophy for the winner
  • All protection supplied
  • Popular stag party activity
  • Note: Venue located approximately 75km from Dingle town (over 1 hour drive)
  • ***Please be aware guns are high powered airsoft weapons

Have you ever dreamed of being that lone sniper perched up high in a tower taking out the enemy one by one? Well now is the chance for you and the rest of your stag party to take part in the ultimate shooting range competition. Concentrate on your breathing and slow down your heart rate before getting the target in the centre of your sight and squeezing the trigger.

This is a 50-metre range with various distances to suit all group levels, and as your shots improved the targets can be moved further away to heat up the competition.

This is a great stag party activityas it is an indoor range it is good for all weathers. Located outside Dingle towards Limerick it is a good spin from Dingle. A lot of stag groups heading to Dingle for the weekend from the rest of the country do it on the way down.

The price incudes the targets, bullets, guns, all protection and of course eye and ear protection.

Note: Venue located approximately 75km from Dingle town.

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