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Stag Party Dublin

Epic stag parties. Simple planning.

Check out Stag Party Dublin for the best Activities, Packages, Ideas, Accommodation, Night and Stag Party Weekend Deals at the best price with The Stag's Balls.
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Why choose Dublin as a Stag Party destination?

Dublin is the stag party capital of Ireland for all groups coming in from abroad and a large number of Irish groups. Dublin really is a top stag party destination for anyone looking for the best stag weekend ideas. As you probably know all too well, stag parties from Blighty and further afield have been tapping this dirty old town for as long as stag do’s have been downing pints of beer by the keg full. Why? Because in Dublin the craic on stag party weekends keeps on dublin and dublin (sorry!). There are two certainties in life are stag parties love Dublin, and Dublin is full of stag-friendly craic.

So we know there are lots of fun stag do ideas on offer in Dublin, but why choose us? Well here at The Stag’s Balls HQ, we offer a plethora of comfy stag party-friendly accommodation options, activities, nightlife, attractions, and stag prank ideas for your lads. Kick giant footballs into giant holes (or at the stag) with Footee, shoot the stag in the goolies with paintball, or knock the stag around with bubble football.

For the stag parties that love the black stuff, we offer tours of the Guinness Storehouse. Or maybe the pubs and clubs are more your stag party’s scene? Why not hit Harcourt Street or Camden Street, or try Temple Bar to find the capital’s hen party watering hole. Either way, there are plenty of party options for your stag do. A stag do weekend in Dublin will not be regretted, you can be assured of that.

To build your perfect Dublin stag do package, just scroll up. No deposit required, hassle-free and no money chasing for the organiser. Use our build-your-own tool below to make and book your perfect stag party. Send automated invites to the crew and keep an eye on what each member is doing.

Our cloud-based platform allows your stag party members to tailor the itinerary to suit personal preferences. Your lads only pay for what they choose to pay for. Set up your booking in a jiffy, see prices per man instantly, no need to wait for quotes or fill out lengthy enquiry forms. Just build, invite and relax.

Even if, after all that, Dublin is not your thing, then why not try PragueBelfast, or Newcastle. Or if a stag party on the continent is more what you’re looking for, you could try Munich or Manchester.

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