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Free stag party dare cards pack

Download The Stag’s Balls free Stag Party Dare Cards Pack to really spice things up on your stag weekend.
Stag party dare cards

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Size & printing

  1. Download the PDF from the email you receive.
  2. Print the file on your desktop device or submit the file to your print shop.
  3. Select Business Card Size (3.5″ x 2″) as the size and use thick card paper to be printed front and back
  4. Once printed, you can gather each set of dare cards however you’d like (a simple elastic band would work).

Some sample dare cards

Stag party dare cards front design showing The Stag's Balls logo
Stag party dare card that says to get a girl to spank you
Stag party dare card that says to stand on a table and yell out that you love your mummy

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