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2. Choose Your Day Activities


2. Choose Your Day Activities


2. Choose Your Day Activities


2. Choose Your Day Activities


2. Choose Your Day Activities

* Tshirts can be personalised with names and numbers specifically for your stag

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Why Waterford

The city of Waterford came about when Viking raiders were looking for somewhere to celebrate Cnut the Great’s Stag Party (not to be confused with his unfortunate cousin who spelt his name slightly differently).

The group travelled for weeks and weeks seeking new lands to raid for a last night of freedom and eventually landed in Waterford. They loved it so much they said ‘feck it’ (in Norse) and established a settlement there in 853.

Thankfully, it is a lot easier to get to Waterford these days, as it’s a mere two-hour drive from Dublin and Cork. Having hosted the Vikings for a number of years, the ‘Blaas’ are well used to groups of men and women ascending on their fair city looking for a good time! That makes it a perfect location for you and your pals to base yourselves for a cracking Stag Party weekend.

Not only is it a super spot to go out on the piss and meet some fine women, Waterford also boasts some of the best outdoor activities and water sports Ireland has to offer, so if you are looking for a healthier, more adventurous Stag Party package, this is the place for you!

With activities such as Football Golf, Paintballing, Go Karting and more, Waterford offers all the usual suspects which stack up to an amazing Stag Do itinerary in anyone's book.

As we have all learned at one point in our lives, organising something isn't easy and usually better off left in the hands of a good woman - or in this case The Stag's Balls. Here at  The Stag's Balls HQ our cloud-based platform allows you to easily make, manage and pay for your booking without the usual stress involved in organising group events. Simply select the activities you would like below with our custom package builder and click book. Once you have registered, simply use our system to send out automated invites to anyone you want; they will then each get an invite allowing them to view the custom package you have created. The beauty of it is that they can then select as many or few activities as they like and only pay for what they choose. You can then track RSVP's and keep an eye on proceedings. The whole process could not be more pain and hassle-free.

** Please Note: If we don’t have the activity you want, please don’t fret. Just give us a call on (01) 562 0759, and we can get it sorted for you because we are here to make your dream stag party a reality.

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