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Blog > 21 Top Ideas For Best Man Gifts To The Groom

21 Top Ideas For Best Man Gifts To The Groom

Explore a wide array of thoughtful and personalised Best Man Gifts to the Groom in this comprehensive guide. From timeless classics to unique and special ideas, discover the perfect way to convey your heartfelt support and congratulations as the Best Man.

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As the Best Man, you hold a special place in the groom’s life. You’ve witnessed his journey, celebrated his milestones, and now, you’re standing by his side as he takes the biggest step of all – getting married. To show your support and appreciation, selecting the perfect token from our list of Best Man Gifts to the Groom is key.

In this guide, we’ll explore a wide range of thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas that will convey your heartfelt congratulations and make the groom feel truly special on his big day. From timeless classics to unique and personalised options, we’ve got you covered with the top ideas for Best Man Gifts to the Groom.

Best man gifts to the groom

Traditional choices

  1. Personalised Pocket Watch: A classic and timeless gift, a personalised pocket watch is a symbol of tradition and sophistication. Engrave it with the groom’s initials or a special message.
  2. Cufflinks: A pair of elegant cufflinks is a thoughtful choice. You can choose a design that matches the wedding theme or add a personal touch with the groom’s initials.
  3. Wristwatch: A stylish wristwatch is a gift that combines elegance and practicality. Personalise it by engraving the case or the strap.
  4. Leather Wallet: A high-quality leather wallet is a practical gift that the groom will use daily. Personalise it by adding his initials or a heartfelt message.
  5. Grooming Kit: A top-notch grooming kit is a thoughtful and practical choice. Opt for a set with premium grooming essentials, such as a razor, shaving cream, and a grooming brush.
  6. Cigars or fancy cigarettes: This is a little less PC these days but a set of traditional cigars can be a nice touch if the Groom is keen on them.

Personalised options

  1. Custom Artwork: Commission a custom artwork piece that represents a special moment or memory between you and the groom.
  2. Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set: If the groom is a whiskey enthusiast, an engraved decanter set with glasses is a wonderful gift. Personalise it with his name and the wedding date.
  3. Personalised Photo Album: Create a photo album filled with memories you’ve shared with the groom. Include pictures from your adventures and write heartfelt messages to accompany the images.
  4. Customised Map: Choose a map that holds significance for the groom, whether it’s his hometown, the wedding location, or a place that’s close to his heart.
  5. Custom Bar Sign: If the groom enjoys hosting gatherings, a personalised bar sign is a fun and meaningful gift. You can include his name or a humorous message.
A groom putting on cuff links which were a best man gifts to the groom
Image by freepic.diller on Freepik

Unusual ideas

  1. Gaming Console or Accessories: If the groom is a gaming enthusiast, consider gifting him a gaming console or accessories that will enhance his gaming experience.
  2. Adventure Experience: Plan an adventure day for the groom, whether it’s a hot air balloon ride, a day of rock climbing, or a thrilling driving experience.
  3. Book Subscription: Sign the groom up for a book subscription service, so he can receive a new book every month and continue exploring his literary interests.
  4. Astronomy Gift: For a groom who loves stargazing, consider gifting a telescope or a stargazing experience.
  5. Tool Set: A high-quality toolset is a practical gift for a groom who enjoys DIY projects or home improvements.

Culinary delights

  1. Gourmet Food Basket: Treat the groom’s taste buds to a luxurious gourmet food basket filled with a selection of delectable treats, fine cheeses, and premium wines or craft beers. It’s a delightful gift for him to savour and enjoy.
  2. Cooking Class Experience: If the groom has a penchant for culinary adventures, arrange a cooking class for him alone or a couple’s experience for the newlyweds. Whether it’s mastering the art of sushi, perfecting the barbecue, or crafting mouthwatering desserts, a cooking class will celebrate his love of food and will soup up the newlyweds’ kitchen efforts!
  3. Personalised Cutting Board or Knives: Enhance the groom’s kitchen with a personalised cutting board or knife set. Engraved with his name or a meaningful message, it’s a practical yet sentimental gift for culinary enthusiasts.
  4. Wine Tasting Tour: Indulge the groom’s love for fine wine with a wine-tasting tour. Arrange a visit to a local vineyard or wine region where he can explore a variety of exquisite wines and enhance his wine knowledge.
  5. Barbecue Grill Set: For grill masters and outdoor cooking aficionados, a high-quality barbecue grill set is an excellent choice. Include essential tools like tongs, a spatula, and a basting brush, all personalised for an extra touch of thoughtfulness.

How to choose the right gift

If you’ve explored our list of Best Man Gifts to the Groom above and you’re still not sure what to get him, we recommend the following steps:

  • Chat with the bride: It’s perfectly acceptable to get her input on what she thinks the groom would like.
  • Decide on physical, consumable or experiential: If you want the Groom to have an ongoing keepsake, then we think a physical gift (an object) is best. Or, if he’s a bit of a minimalist, then getting an experience or a consumable (activity, food or product) would be the better choice.

Note: Check out our Best Man Guide to make sure you have all of your best man duties covered!

Where to buy from

  • Etsy can be a great place to buy personalised gifts
  • or are great options for experience gifts
  • If you’d prefer to shop locally, then why not wander down your own high street?


Selecting the perfect Best Man Gifts to the Groom is more than just choosing an item; it’s an opportunity to convey your heartfelt support and congratulations. The gift you choose will not only make the Groom feel cherished but also remind him of your enduring friendship and the exciting journey that lies ahead.

We hope this guide has provided you with a wide range of options to make your Best Man Gift for the Groom truly special and memorable. Here’s to the groom, the big day, and the adventure that awaits!

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