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The Best Stag Party Dares

If you want to add a bit of spice to the night, include a few stag party dares!

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If you want to add a bit of spice to the night, include a few stag party dares! If nothing else, the comedy moments and photo opportunities (if allowed) it creates make it so worthwhile!!

Best Stag Party dares

Here’s the classic list. The original. A list that’s as full of must-dos as a weekend of paintballing, go-karting and drinking beer! The best of the best stag party dares are below!

  1. Spend 24 hours without any footwear (or socks and old man sandals for the daisies)
  2. Do 20 push ups – every time the best man blows a whistle
  3. Cover your entire tongue with hot sauce (or black pepper if there’s no hot sauce) and swallow
  4. Hide the stag’s clothes
  5. Hide the new clothes the stag had to buy because you wouldn’t tell him where you hid the old ones
  6. Sing everything you say for 15 minutes in the style of Pavarotti
  7. Copy everything that a member of the public is doing for 3 minutes. You must be within their peripheral vision
  8. Gather at least three strangers and teach them how to line dance (even better if you don’t actually know how to line dance)
  9. Wear your clothes inside out with your pants over your jeans and your socks over your shoes
  10. Don’t say no for an hour
  11. If you find a busker on the streets – make the stag join in (bonus points if you’re on a stag do abroad)
  12. Ask for diet water with one of your meals.
  13. Hold hands with a fellow stag
  14. Hold hands with a stranger
  15. Get the rest of the group to make up a nickname, explain to a stranger how you got it
  16. Tell every policeman you see that you “love a man in uniform”
  17. Be Daniel O’Donnell. For the entire stag.


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