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Top 5 Stag Party Drinking Activities

M. Porter
Mon 29 Jul 19 15:03

We all know the main thing that lads want to do on a stag party is drink, drink and more drink!

At The Stags Balls, we have selected the best stag party drinking activities across Ireland. From a brewery visit to Dick Mack’s in Dingle and a pub crawl across Connemara, to whiskey blending in Dublin and a cursed goblet potion making class in Belfast – there’s something to suit everyone’s tipple on a stag party weekend.

We even offer the sophistication of wine tasting in Limerick. Although, after a night of sampling a variety of wines the sophistication levels might drop slightly!

Drinking activities will guarantee some serious craic for your stag party! Check out our top Irish cities and drinking activities below.

1. Dublin - Whiskey Blending Experience

Whiskey tasting banner

Every lad loves a drop of Irish whiskey. Take it up a notch with a whiskey blending experience for your stag party in Dublin.

Your lads will be taken on a tour of the Irish Whiskey Museum before sampling 4 different whiskeys and finishing up with a blending workshop to make your own unique mix. Once you've tasted your personalised blend, your stag party lads will each take a miniature bottle of their creation home to enjoy later.

2. Belfast - Cursed Goblet Potion Class

Cursed Goblet banner

For those Harry Potter fanatics, the very popular cursed goblet potion class is a great stag party activity option in Belfast.

Your stag party will thank you for booking them in to experience Professor Phileas Fisherwick’s Magical World where Potion Prodigies are given instructions on how to brew, extract and conjure 3 of his most precious (and delicious) potions (ahem...cocktails), each with their own special traits and effects.

Your stag party lads will join other groups to make up a larger class where you'll receive a magic wand on entry, which is key to a lot of the concocting, as well as a robe – purely for fashion purposes … (very big this season #WizardStyle).

3. Dingle - Brewery Tour & Pint

Beer tasting banner

Get ready to mingle in Dingle after an afternoon at Dick Macks brewery tour. Dick Mack's Pub in the centre of Dingle opened its doors in 1899 and has stood as a town favourite watering hole for decades. Fast forward to today and you'll also find Dick Mack's grandson (and his two mates) toiling away in the newly-opened brewery opened on this historical site.

You and your mates will enjoy a tour of the brewhouse, including a pint of Dick Mack's finest brew. We also recommend you top off the tour with a visit the beer garden on a sunny day, where you'll find local food trucks and good music every weekend.

4. Galway - Connemara Pub Tour

Pub Tour banner

If all you want to do is enjoy some of Galway's finest establishments, then the Connemara Pub Tour is an awesome activity to include in any stag party package. It is the ultimate pub-crawl of the west! What more could a stag party going to Galway want?

Your lads will get picked from your weekend accommodation or the city centre by the pub-crawl bus. You'll then be brought out to the wild and wonderful Connemara to experience some real old school Irish pubs.

You never know what or who you'll come across....from a 134-year-old man telling stories of how he kicked the spinach out of the Spanish Armada because they stood on his flower bed, to a sean-nós dancing baby sipping whiskey out his bottle and juggling 3 sheep. The stories that come back from our stags that do this activity are for the history books.

5. Limerick - Wine Tasting Evening

Wine tasting banner

Want to add a little sophistication to your stag party? Well this could be the perfect choice for you. Wine tasting is the sensory examination and evaluation of wine. Although the practice of wine tasting has been around since the first bottle was produced it was not until the 14th century that a more formal methodology became established.

In this central Limerick restaurant you and the rest of the stag party will be entertained by sampling some lesser known produces as well as some of the most prestigious and recognised bottles and vintages. With 6-10 wines available you are promised a fantastic stag party activity experience.

How It Works With The Stag's Balls

When you've found the package you want, submit your booking request through the website for free with no deposit, create your account and we'll check availability for the items you chose.

Once everything is confirmed, email the link to all the lads in your stag party group. They can opt out of any activities they don't want to take part in to give everyone flexibility and everyone can make their payments online so you are not left handling all the money. They can even pay in instalments!

It’s so straightforward and simple! Booking with The Stag's Balls is perfect for a stress free stag party and will definitely put your lads in the good books with the top man!

If you have any questions about particular activities or about the booking process, check out our FAQs, chat with us online or give us a call on +353 (0) 1 562 0759 and we'll be happy to talk it through!

Author: M. Porter


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