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Rage Buggies

  • 2 Hours
  • Min. Nums 6
  • Min. Age 18
  • 620cc Rage buggies
  • Bragging rights
  • Stag friendly activity

The guys who run this stag party activity in Bristol have have some awesome tracks for your stag group which take an average of 45 seconds to drive around, let's hope someone on your stag party can do it quicker than that!

They normally run two 620cc buggies on each track with at least 1 spare on each track in case of mechanical issues, let's hope if there is any mechanical issues it is on the track and not later on the stag party night out!!! There is no overtaking permitted in this activity as the track isnt large enough to allow 2 buggies to pass each other safely.

The event is run in a competitive fashion providing each member of your stag party group with a lap time. Time to burn some rubber, fellas!

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