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Stag Do Dirty Pint Drinking Game Guide

S. Tam
Thu 02 Apr 20 15:56

Pint being poured with green liquid

The dirty pint drinking game is a classic way to start or finish a stag night. It’s a stag do game everyone can participate in and involves some truly awful alcoholic concoctions, lots of cheering in encouragement, laughter, and possibly (definitely) some drunkenness.

What You’ll Need

All you need are your mates, a pint glass or two, a coin or list of quiz questions, and many bottles and cans of alcohol. This is a great game for a stag weekend where you’re all gathered in a hotel room or self-catering property.

Before you go, ask the guys to raid their drinks cabinet and bring along the bottle that’s been hiding in the back corner since New Year 2010. Add to that your usual cases of beers and wines (the ones you actually want to drink) and you’re good to go.

If you’re on a whole stag weekend, also take along some paracetamol for the morning after. You’ll probably need it.

How To Play

The best way to play the dirty pint drinking game is this:

  1. Gather the lads around a table and place a pint glass in the middle.
  2. Ask the stag to kick off the fun by pouring a little of his chosen drink into the pint glass.
  3. He will then have to answer a question or guess the correct side of a coin toss.
  4. If he gets it right, he gets to pass the buck to the next guy and avoids drinking the contents of the glass.
  5. The next person pours a little of his chosen beverage into the glass and takes his turn.
  6. This continues around the table until some poor schmuck fails to guess correctly and has to drink the contents of the glass.

This is known as the dirty pint as it’s usually filled with the most disgusting alcoholic drink known to man. The more disgusting the dirty pint is, the higher the stakes are and the more nervous the participants get. Let’s face it, no one chooses to down a Guinness, whisky, red wine, tequila, and Corona cocktail. No one normal, anyway.

Alternative ideas to the coin toss

If you don’t want to use a coin - after all it’s gives everyone a fifty-fifty shot - here are some alternatives ideas for your stag party game:

  • Football quiz questions - challenge your mates on their favourite team. Wrong answers down the dirty pint.
  • Deck of cards - spread the deck around the glass, making sure there are no gaps. Each player chooses a card. Anyone who breaks the circle has to down the dirty pint. Anyone who selects a King gets to nominate someone else to drink the dirty pint. You can also switch this up by using aces or jacks.

There are many variations you can choose on the rules of the dirty pint drinking game, but the basic premise is always the same. It’s a great stag game idea and separates the men from the mice.

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Author: S. Tam


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