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Blog > Top 7 Places To Propose To Your Girlfriend

Top 7 Places To Propose To Your Girlfriend

Create a special, personalised proposal moment that they’ll never forget.

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7 Places To Propose To Your Girlfriend

You’re thinking of proposing? Stressful, right? Your heart rate is spiking even reading this. You’re probably thinking ahead to the wedding itself and all the planning involved. Do we invite our second cousin’s dog and all that jazz. Hold your horses, you need her to say YES first. Did you think you could propose down the local? We strongly advising against that. Just… don’t.

To help you out, we have come up with 7 of our best picks for places to propose to your significant other. Picks that are bound to get you thinking about one of the most important decisions of your life (no pressure!) and create a special, personalised moment that she’ll never forget.


From incredible coastal vistas to mountain top climbs and breathraking national parks, Ireland is brimming with romantic locations to get your proposal ideas flowing. We’ve picked out favourites here but it’s really about finding a proposal spot that is special to you both.

Skellig Michael, Co. Kerry

Skellig Michael proposal location

This stunning island, located off the coast of kerry, is a pretty impressive location for any event but especially for an incredible coastal wedding proposal. It is one of two islands located off the Iveragh Peninsula. However, its twin island “Little Skellig” isn’t accessible.

If you are looking for somewhere remote, quiet, romantic and absolutely breathtaking, Skellig Michael could be it. Want another reason to go? It was only used as a filming site for one of the Star Wars films. This is a piece of information you may wish to share or hide from your other half. We’ll leave that up to you.

You’re probably thinking it sounds like an absolute TREK. We will help you out even further and give you some advice on how to get there and where to stay! The first option is getting yourself down to Portmagee. This little town is located on the Iveragh Peninsula. They have a good bit to offer for such a small town such as kayaking, camping, a few bars and restaurants, diving and daily boat trips to Skellig Michael.

Our second pick in our favourite places to propose, is Ballinskellig which is southeast of Portmagee. Ballinskellig pride themselves on having music in several locations. They also have great bars, restaurants, beaches, heritage sights and, again, daily trips to the island. So you’ll have plenty to do before you pop the question and a warm place to celebrate together afterwards.

Glendalough, Wicklow

Glendalough proposal location

Nature is romantic AF. No two ways about it. Glendalough in Wicklow is no exception and is one of our top places to propose. The valley stretches approx 3 kilometers and offers any amount of stunning locations to get down on one knee. There are 9 different walks to choose from, taking you on 9 different routes.

So you’ve proposed, they’ve said yes… now what? There is a beautiful hotel you can stay in which has a nice bar and restaurant and is surrounded by the grounds. The hotel also does weddings, so you can think of this as an opportunity for a test run!

Glendalough is only about an hour from Dublin and 30 minutes from Wicklow town, with buses and coaches going in and out every day, so there are easy access options if you’re thinking of getting out into the wilds of Wicklow to propose to your partner.


Whether you’re a UK native or you’re planning a trip to the British Isles to pop the question to your partner, there is a romantic location that will suit you as a couple and make your proposal special and memorable.

Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh arthurs seat proposal location

You can’t deny that Scotland is a bit of a mystical and magical place. There are many places around Scotland that would make for an epic proposal spot. We have picked what we think tops them all. I say “tops” them all, as it’s the main peak of a group of hills sitting 251m above sea level. Not only that, it’s an extinct volcano! Once you have reached the top, depending on what route you take, you can see a great view of the city. There are 6 routes to choose from all ranging in difficulty. Some say that the orange route is one of the least strenuous.

Afterall, it will be a looooogg way down if they says no (sad face). Edinburgh town has any amount of beautiful restaurants, walks and accommodation which will be perfect for this occasion. Check out Rhubarb restaurant if you are looking for something on the finer side. It is a seventeenth century building surrounded by lawns and gardens. It also has a clear view of Arthur’s Seat!

The Shard, London

The Shard proposal location
Image credit: Pxhere

If you’re looking to take your proposal to new heights, then you can’t get much higher than The Shard in Southwark. You could keep it simple and head up to the viewing deck during the day, take in the views and then surprise her on one knee when she turns around.

Or if you’ve got a slightly bigger budget and you really want to ask her to marry you in private, you can splurge on a wedding proposal package. You and your finace would have the viewing deck to yourselves, a rose petal floor, candles and fancy bubbly to set the romantic mood. You’ll have the best views in London, an intimate setting and a proposal experience your girlfriend won’t soon forget.

Barafundle Bay, Wales

Barafundle Bay proposal location
Photo: Tenby Town close to Barafundle Bay

Image credit: Beata Mitrega, by Unsplash

In the southwest county of Pembrokeshire, Barafundle Bay has countless times, won the title of one of the best beaches in Britain. It has even been compared to the Caribbean! This year alone, it has won the Green Coast Award and Seaside Award. If your S.O loves blue seas and beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by the countryside, this could be the winner.

The nearest town is Tenby, about 13 miles from the bay. This seaside town and resort boasts its own golden coastline, with many of the hotels overlooking the shore. There is any amount of stuff to do in Tenby such as horseback riding on the beach, kite surfing and shopping. This is really a romantic spot and a perfect place to seal the deal.


We know what you are expecting to see here…. Paris, right? Although it is literally called “The City of Love” and is an obvious choice, we came up with some alternative places to propose that are bound to blow your other half away for their originality and jaw dropping views.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled proposal location
Image credit: 12019, by Pixabay

In the northwestern region of Slovenia, Lake Bled is an adjoining lake to the town of Bled. It is only 35km from Ljubljana which has an international airport. From there you can get a train right to the town. The lake has to be seen to be believed, with stunning freshwater that can be swam in, in summer months. In the middle of the lake, there is Bled Castle, which can be visited by boat.

We can’t think of many things as romantic and special than proposing next to a castle, surrounded by snow dusted mountains and the lake itself. There are also enough restaurants, hotels and attractions in the town to have your pick. There is also a variety of hiking and nature walk activities to choose from. This is a perfect pick for your proposal destination if you are trying to do something “outside the box” and special.

Prague, Czech Republic

This city is best known for its old town square featuring gothic style buildings and the astronomical clock. However, it may surprise you just how much this beautiful city has to offer. There are many places we think would be perfect for your future spouse to say “YES”. We have picked some of the best spots, so you don’t have to.

Prague proposal location
Image credit: Lachlan Gowen, by Unsplash

The Petrin Lookout Tower has a breathtaking view of the whole city. If you are willing to climb 299 steps to the top (it has the same altitude as the Eiffel Tower), it would be well worth it.

For another proposal spot option, go to Charles Bridge REALLY early in the morning before any crowds of tourists arrive (it’s a busy bridge) and propose surrounded by an amazing example of medieval architecture. Tell your partner you just want to see the site early and they’ll be blown away when you pop the big question in the early morning air in the stunning surrounds of Prague.

Speaking of architecture, and if you and your (future) fiance are into it, there are tons of castles and cathedrals in the city that are impossibly stunning. As it is the capital, there are also any amount of options to drink, eat and explore to round out your proposal trip and make it a memorable holiday in more ways than one!

These are our top picks for romantic and memorable places to propose to your loved one. It’s an important decision! Afterall, if you want to have the stag party with the lads, you need her to say yes first – so choose wisely.

If you’re pretty confident and you want to get a head start on your stag party planning, jump onto our stag party destination pages in Ireland, the UK and Europe to get inspired!

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Image credit: Gift Habeshaw, by Unsplash

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