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Blog > 5 Activities For Beer Loving Stags

5 Activities For Beer Loving Stags

Organising a boozy stag party? See our top activities for beer loving stags.

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At The Stag’s Balls, we run any amount of stag party activities to the most popular stag party destinations in Ireland, the UK and Europe. We know the appeal for beer loving stags, however, we cater to all types of stag parties, whether your stag party want to;

  • Get wet and wild with extreme watersports
  • Engage in an ultimate combat activity where you can target the stag
  • Embrace your inner James Bond with our variety of shooting based activities.
  • Some stag parties are less keen to take part in extreme sports and would rather not cut into drinking time on the stag weekend. For them we’re also happy to offer a range of beer orientated stag party activities in the majority of our stag destinations, so check out our list below to help you organise the ultimate boozy weekend for the beer loving stag;

For those beer-loving stags, we’ve got a big list of recommended activities!

1. Beer tasting / brewery tours

Whether your stag party are hoping to foster their appreciation of some traditional brews, or if they simply want a sample paddle to sink their teeth into, a brewery tour is a great way to break up the day on the stag party.

This is one of our more educational (ahem) activities, as your stag party will be well-experienced beer connoisseurs by the end of this activity. We offer a great range of brewery tours in both Ireland and greater Europe with tonnes of variety.

In Dublin, you can enjoy Ireland’s most popular attraction, the Guinness Storehouse with four floors of beer-fuelled history before your own tasty pint of the black stuff with a 360 degree view of Dublin for the stag party.

In Kilkenny, you can banter with monk holograms before your stag party get stuck into some of Smithwick’s finest sample paddles.

Meanwhile in greater Europe, there’s a huge amount of brewery tours for your stag party, from giant pot stills in Gdansktours within Bavarian beer country and the ever famous Heineken tour in Amsterdam where your stag party can pull their own pints before they devour them.

We also offer brewery tours abroad in destinations like GalwayPragueBrno and more.

Stag Party Beer Tasting Brewery Tour The Stags Balls

2. Beerhall crawl

This is one of our most popular German stag party activities. When in Germany, your stag party are certainly going to want to drink as the Germans do and what better way to do so than a visit to their famous beer halls.

With some of our options, you can visit not one but multiple beer halls to get a real feel for the German beer hall atmosphere. We highly recommend that our stag parties to MunichBerlin and Hamburg visit a beer hall at some point or other.

With some of the best beer known to man in the largest portions known to man and some of the world’s most beautiful women in dirndl (bavarian dress), what’s not to like about a trip to a beer hall on the stag party.

Stag Party German Bavarian Beerhall Tour The Stags Balls

3. Beer bike

Doing a tour of a city on a conference bike or beer bike with gallons upon gallons of beer is the exact type of ridiculous activity that stag parties were created for. Traditional pub crawls are so last year when you can do it on these mighty bikes.

With your own private conference bike, bar man and some speakers to blast out the tunes at passersby. The beer bike is a great way to get acquainted with a new destination on the stag party, while consuming litres of beer in the process.

You can avail of this option in many of our European destinations and you can also enjoy our conference bike tours in Ireland in destinations like Galway, only minus the beer on board.

Stag Party Beer Bike The Stags Balls

4. Beer spa

Who says lads can’t enjoy a good spa day? Particularly after a night of partying for the stag party, there’s nothing better to detox the hangover like a few hours in a good old fashioned sauna. On our stag parties in Prague however, you can do just that, except with the addition of litres of beer. It sounds heavenly and it is!

With our beer spa in Prague, you can enjoy thirty minutes chilling in the whirlpool baths and thirty minutes of unlimited beer consumption! Now we say it’s a great way to shift the stag party hangover but with unlimited consumption, your stag party will probably end up topping back up for the night ahead.

Stag Party Beer Spa Prague The Stags Balls

5. Booze cruise

The booze cruise is a firm favourite stag party activity both abroad and in Ireland. With this booze-fuelled voyage, your stag party can anticipate a 50/50 ratio of male and female party revellers, an epic party atmosphere and a tempting bar on board to keep your stag party tipping away for the entire evening.

You don’t have to venture too far for this stag party activity when we have it on offer in some of Ireland’s stag party meccas like Carrick-on-Shannon and Athlone. If you are venturing further afield some of our booze cruises in Europe come in a huge range of varieties.

From unlimited spirit booze cruises to river cruises and strip shows, three-course meals and roly-poly stripper booze cruises, we’ll definitely have you covered for the stag party booze cruise, whatever your preferences may be.

Stag Party Booze Cruise The Stags Balls


Of course if you’re still looking for stag party ideas there are plenty of alternatives across our destinations to choose from. Check out The Foxy Hen if you know any hens!

Need help with your Stag Party?

If you’re in stag research mode, check out all of our stag party destinations and stag do ideas.

For help booking your stag weekend or to discuss your ideas, chat with us live during office hours, submit a quick enquiry or contact us for any other queries.

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