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Blog > 5 Adventure Stag Party Ideas

5 Adventure Stag Party Ideas

Get your stag do outside to take on one of our epic adventure stag party ideas with a great activity.

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It’s hard to break away from the regular stag itineraries of pubs, grub and clubs. But we at The Stags Ball’s are here to help you bring your stags on a day or weekend away that is sure to be talked about over pints for years to come! Looking for adventure stag party ideas? We’ve got you covered.

Epic adventure Stag Party ideas

Whether it’s adding in a taste of adventure to the stag do or packing your weekend full of activities there are a multitude of fun, challenging and exhilarating options to choose from at The Stag’s Balls.

1. Surfing

Surfing banner
Image credit: EpicStockMedia, by Stock Photo

Feel the cold water wake you up out of that hangover as you ride the waves or get dunked as they crash over you!

Surfing is one of the best adventure stag party ideas if you’re looking for a bit of adventure and we make sure lessons are provided so it caters to all members of the group. Wetsuits and surfboards are provided and usually lessons last about two hours, so there’ll still be plenty of time to hit the pub before your pre-dinner drinks!

Take to the waves in DingleWestportGalway, and Newquay. Or your stag party could even give wakeboarding a go in Wroclaw.

2. Rock climbing

Rock climbing banner

If you have a group of stags who have lots of energy to release, spending the day out rock climbing and abseiling back down is the way to exhilarate any bunch of lads!

Equipped with harnesses and safety gear you will be guided to the top to plant your flag, before an exciting descent down to your fellow climbers. This is a stag activity that we at The Stag’s Balls highly recommend and is not to be missed.

It will surely be great fodder for the stories of bravery in the pub that night! Give it a go in KillarneyCarlingford and Sofia.

3. Shooting rampage

Shooting banner

Take all your frustrations out on that target when you spend the day at a shooting range. Whether its paintball, shot gun lessons, clay pigeon shooting or an indoor shooting range you can unwind and let your inner Rambo loose!

Practice your target skills and compete for the trophy at the shooting range while at paintball, you’ll be decked out in army gear so you’ll be well disguised to take it all out on your fellow stag mates.

Shoot your friends, shoot your brother-in-law, shoot a leprechaun, shoot everything that moves as you play these tactical war games. Epic adventure stag party ideas don’t come any easier!

Shoot em up in Carrick-on-ShannonCorkSligoLiverpoolLondonGdanskRiga or Wroclaw.

4. Rage buggies

Ragge buggies banner

Rage Buggies are the perfect injection of exhilaration for your stag party. They give the stags a chance to feel what a real rallying experience is like.

Although we’d love for the sun to be splitting the stones for your stag weekend, a spot of rain is no harm when you are rage buggying as it makes the ground wet and muddy and perfect for skids and 360s!

So get angry out on the track in Carrick-on-Shannon and Bournemouth, with more destinations to come!

5. Kayaking

Kayaking banner

Choose this unique experience for your adventure stag party if your lads are the type to love getting out on the water.

At the Stag’s Balls we offer kayaking on the lake in Killarney, down the river in Limerick and even cave kayaking in Galway. We also offer in kayaking in Berlin, white water rafting in Bratislava and lazy rafting or canoeing in Riga.

Equipped with your wet suit, helmet, kayak and paddle experienced guides.


No matter what kind of stag party adventure you’re after, we’re here to help you organise a memorable trip for your lads. When you’re ready to check availability for your chosen package, you can submit your booking request through the website without paying anything upfront and we’ll check to make sure it’s all possible.

If you have any questions about particular activities or about how our system works, you can chat with us online, contact us or chat with us online and we’ll be happy to talk it through!

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For help booking your stag weekend or to discuss your ideas, chat with us live during office hours, submit a quick enquiry or contact us for any other queries.

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