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Blog > What To Add To Your Stag Do Survival Kit

What To Add To Your Stag Do Survival Kit

The most popular stag do survival kit items no man should be without.

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Stag Do Survival Kit

As much as we enjoy the fun and mischief of a stag weekend or single night stag do, we all know they come with their own unique set of challenges and therefore need a stag do survival kit. Whether it’s surviving the nights themselves, or simply managing to claw yourself through the pain and regret of the morning after, we’re here to help you pull together the ultimate survival kit for the lads.

All you need is a simple bag for each guy and a carefully selected list of essential stag party items you know you’ll end up needing. If you have a mate who suffers from terrible headaches after a night of drinking, make sure his bag is a stag do hangover kit. If one of your friends is a ladies man, you can tailor his stag survival kit to suit the kind of night (and the morning after) he’s likely to experience.

To give you some inspiration, these are some of the most popular stag do survival kit items no man should be without:

  • Snacks – you never know when you might get peckish
  • Taxi Numbers – always handy to have on hand when you need to get home
  • Plasters or bandages – for those cuts and scrapes you’ve no idea how you got
  • Wet wipes – for all those pint spillages
  • A packet of gum or roll of mints – for keeping your breath minty fresh on the town
  • Condoms – because there’s always one stag do Romeo who’s unprepared
  • High-end cigars – for hanging around with the lads, taking social media photos, feeling like the cast of The Godfather
  • Deodorant – gotta smell good all night
  • Miniature bottles – for the train into town
  • Emergency money – a stash of cash for sticky situations
  • Lip balm – to keep those smackers in good condition
  • Hand sanitser – because you will definitely spill something on your paws at some point
  • Travel toothbrush and toothpaste – for keeping those pearly whites in order
  • Mouthwash – no one wants to wake up with a mouth tasting of day-old of curry and stale beer
  • Energy/protein bar – to give you the energy to get out of bed
  • Eye mask – for keeping those peepers bag-free
  • Miniature shower gel – to wake yourself up the morning after
  • Tums/indigestion tablets – last night’s Madras can really interfere with your insides
  • Pot Noodle – there’s no better hangover food on the market
  • Bottle of Lucozade or Red Bull – to give you the motivation to get dressed
  • Box of Paracetamol – to rid yourself of that banging headache
  • Plastic sunglasses – in case the morning light’s a little too bright for your liking
  • Sugary sweets – to replace all the sugar you lost the night before
  • A can of beer – because nothing cures a hangover faster than getting straight back to work on a new one.

Regardless of where you go and what you end up doing (whether planned or unplanned), these items in your stag do survival kit should ensure your stag night is covered for all eventualities. Stay safe and make it a stag night to remember. Or not…

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