Stag Party Ideas

Stag parties have become serious business in recent years. Heading down the road for a scelp of pints no longer cuts it, lads want bigger and better. With movies like The Hangover setting high standards for the orgainser to live up to the pressure really is on. Lads want the last night of freedom to be an unforgettable party and for all the right reasons.

Stag party pranks are a great idea to create an unforgetable experience. They allow the group to bond with one core purpose – embarassing the stag within inches of his life. Pranks range from male strippers to laxatives but if you are looking for some inspiration hop on over to our stag party pranks page.

Stag party themes, baywatch

Another great idea to generate banter over the stag weekend is to have a game of dares. The dares can range from food or drink dares to physical/macho or slightly more risquee dares. Popular drinking games include The Boat Race and The Fire Shot, while great group dares can involve holding hands and using dodgy names for each other. The list really is endless.

A group of Mexican banditos or snow white and her seven dwarves are examples of themes that a great stag party can be built around. Picking a theme weeks in advance and letting the group know what it is allows them to get suitable attire to wear on the weekend. Fancy dress is a great talking point and attraction on the night out. A more simple version of a fancy dress is to go with a funny custom t-shirt with embarassing nicknames or images on them. The lads who couldn’t pull a cold on a typical night out can have the hottest ladies hanging off their arm when dressed like Elvis!

We have bucket loads more ideas to pull off the greatest stag parties, so feel free to give us a tinckle and we are more than happy to help!