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The Stag's Balls Blog

Stag Party Ideas

The hair dye prank showing a man with a beard dyed red
Stag Party Pranks

The Hair Dye Prank

A simple yet effective stag party prank. The hair dye prank is a great option if you want to give him a shock without ending any friendships. We recommend dying his beard!
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A man holding a guitar to complete the busker prank
Stag Party Pranks

The Busker Prank

Make the stag work for his drinks on his stag night out with the busker prank. A classic choice that's plenty embarrassing but no one'll get in trouble for this one...
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A man's leg hanging mid air with a plaster caste on from the broken leg prank on his stag party
Stag Party Pranks

The Broken Leg Prank

If you're looking for a slightly more tame stag party prank that'll give the groom a shock but won't lead to any arrests, then the broken leg prank is for your lads.
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A man's arm with handcuffs hanging from it ready for a mini stag prank
Stag Party Pranks

The Mini Stag Prank

The mini stag prank is a particularly "out there" prank choice but, if you're game and your goal is embarrassment, then this one will definitely hit the mark (and be remembered forever).
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